10 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Sep 9th, 2018
Curtito Team

The term ‘glass skin’ has become akin to achieving the ‘beauty elixir’ or discovering the ‘youth fountain.' Beauty fads have been there for ages, but there is now a shift towards natural treatments for attaining baby bottom skin. The Korean beauty regime has taken over the entertainment and fashion industry by storm, celebrities and women all over the world are trying out the strict Korean skincare routines to attain youthful exuberance. The Koreans believe that poreless perfection is achievable with well-maintained diet and meditation, so before you get impatient and scroll down to get inspired by our beauty hacks take a minute out for yourself and breathe in and out.

1. Early Start

A disciplined skin care regime will prevent acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pigmentation, and dark spots. If you haven't started already then what are you waiting? Commit yourself to hydrate, exfoliate, brush, healthy diet mostly of legumes and vegetables and also massage your skin with essential oils on a daily basis. This will not only make your skin radiate but also build up your self-confidence as you will notice visible results.

2. Brushing

A soft bristle brush removes all the dead skin cells, enhances the skin tone, minimizes wrinkles, boosts blood circulation which is essential for attaining natural pink blushed cheeks, and increases the chances of serum absorption on the skin.


3. Oil Cleanse

Using essential oils like lavender, tea tree, rose hip, chamomile, and frankincense as liquid face mask hydrate and make the skin supple. Remove all the excess makeup and either you can dab the essential oil on your skin with a cotton ball or apply it with a circular motion onto the skin. Wash off with warm water to reveal soft, fresh skin.

4. Barley tea cleanse

This wonder drink is fed to Korean beauties right from birth, the Korean cafes, take their nutty tasted tea very seriously. Making barley tea a part of your diet will improve blood circulation, aid weight loss, and give you natural glowing skin. The tea is rich in anti-oxidants and improves overall well being.


5. Steam massage and warm cloth exfoliation

Steam massaging the face while taking a shower with stimulating round upward strokes with fingers improves the blood circulation. A warm cloth scrubbed gently over the skin will remove all impurities, dirt, oil, and makeup from the pores. Thus a simple secret for glowing skin is hidden in our daily bath regime.

6. Patting

While makeup brushes are popular among this generation, there is an ancient technique that Korean beauty experts follow religiously, which is patting the skin while applying makeup. They use their fingers or sponge to gently pat BB creams, serums, foundation, and moisturizers. Instead of causing abrasions on the skin with the use of coarse brushes the patting method keeps the delicate skin supple and makes the look very natural even after makeup.


7. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks infused with essential oils, natural anti-oxidants, and serums used overnight as sleep masks or for 10 – 20 mins daily makes the skin radiant and exfoliates all the impurities. Also works on the complexion removing dullness, dark spots, and age spots. It also improves cell regeneration and induction of collagen which helps to maintain youthful skin.

8. Face exercises

Believe me the A, E, I, O, U are helpful facial expressions that tone the facial skin and maintain their elasticity. So while you sit back and meditate for a while practice these mouth stretches in an exaggerated fashion and reap the benefits of a vigorous skin.


9. Private detox

The chai-yok or vaginal steams have become famous among the Hollywood elite for its vaginal tightening and cleansing of the uterus. The method involves sitting naked over a steaming vessel of water filled with essential oils, natural herbs, and aromatic flowers. V-steam is believed to cleanse hormonal balance and effective treatment for women facing fertility issues.

10. Toning the lips

Nutrient-rich oils help in improving the complexion and vibrancy of the lips. Blends of Korean camellia oil rosehip oil and avocado oil proves to enhance the supplied content of the lips while invigorating its youthful appearance.

Following the Korean technique, every day will ensure a therapeutic and calming effect on the skin. You can easily follow DIY channels to make your natural treatments rather than relying on chemically induced market products that harm the skin in the long run.


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