15 Natural Ways to Grow Your Hair Thicker and Longer

Oct 5th, 2018
Curtito Team

Do you often get excited when the supermodel in the new shampoo advertisement reveals her long, thick hair, so much so that you desperately wish you had such hair, too? You might have tried tons of things hoping that overnight your hair will grow and glow like a Disney princess, to the extent that no one would be able to stop admiring, but to no avail. Whether your hair is straight or curly, these simple but effective tips mentioned below could be your ticket to that lustrous thickness and bounce you have always desired for your precious locks.

1. The Egg Treatment

Eggs are delicious, but they are not just the superfood your body requires, but also the best source of protein for your hair. An egg mask can be made by mixing one or two eggs with a couple of tablespoons of olive and coconut oil. An application of this mask on your hair should be ideally left for at least half an hour before rinsing off. For best results, do not directly wash your hair with shampoo after rinsing this mask, but wait for a day. With the regular application, you would soon say ‘hello’ to thick and shiny hair.

2. Weekly Deep Conditioning

If you wish your hair to be long, you also need to make sure it is strong. Brittle hair breaks apart before it can grow to its full potential. A simple way to improve the strength of your hair is to apply some form of deep conditioning at least once a week. Ideally, these conditioners should be left on for about a half-hour after washing with shampoo. Rinse, and get the feel of supple hair with increased elasticity. Breakage reduces over time giving your hair space to grow. You can find some awesome deep conditioners online at Amazon.


3. Castor Oil for Long Hair

Another effective way to strengthen your hair is to apply castor oil. The Omega-6 essential fatty acids in castor oil strengthen and improve the quality of your hair. Add a few drops to your weekly deep conditioning to see brilliant results. Another way to use castor oil is to massage your hair thoroughly with it, before rinsing off. You can buy castor oil online at Amazon .

4. The Honey Hair Pack

For those who use a straightener on a regular basis, you might have noticed that your hair turns excessively dry. Dryness in hair leads to more breakage, and eventual thinning out of hair. Honey acts as an excellent moisturizer for hair, and regular application could keep your hair soft and shiny. Add a teaspoon of honey to your egg-based hair mask, for that ultimate glow and bounce.


5. Stay Hydrated

It might seem very basic, yet the importance of water in hair growth often goes unnoticed. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your entire body hydrated but ensures your hair follicles receive enough moisture to remain healthy and contribute in cell growth. The life-saving liquid is key towards having those desirably long tresses.

6. Protein-Rich Diet

As you have seen with eggs earlier, protein helps your hair grow. The protein should also be consumed as part of your diet, in addition to any egg masks, you may choose to apply. Increase your intake of daily protein to include meat, eggs, fish, and so on, and gradually watch its effects transcend to the long, flowing mane.


7. The Right Vitamins and Minerals

Have you ever been recommended to consume a healthy dosage of vitamins and minerals for your overall health? If yes, these are not only beneficial to your body but also specifically helpful in getting your hair to the desired length. Vitamins such as C, B-Complex, D, and E are all excellent for your hair. Also add fish oil and iron to your regular diet for an all-rounded approach towards growing healthy, happy, and long hair.

8. Scalp Massage

Regularly massaging your scalp with oil can ease tensions, and improve blood circulation throughout the scalp. Improved blood flow is an essential factor in hair growth. Daily massage can also reduce dandruff, which is a leading cause of hair fall globally.


9. Coconut Oil Therapy

In many cultures, the application of coconut oil for thick and long hair has been practiced for centuries. Old adages are supporting the theory of coconut oil bringing shine and health to your hair, and correctly so. Give your hair that extra boost by applying extra virgin coconut oil (cold pressed is the best) after each hair wash. Make sure the coconut oil is at room temperature, and in the liquid state. You can get coconut oil from Amazon here Amazon here.

10. Protein Treatment

While the egg is an excellent naturally available source of protein for your hair, sometimes, if your hair is too brittle or frizzy, extra doses of protein might be the way to go. You may find several protein treatment options online if you wish to do it yourself, or, you might walk into your local salon for a professional protein treatment. Remember to look for Keratin in whatever protein treatment you choose. Also note that a protein treatment is not a substitute for a healthy diet, but should be used as an additional boost. You can find a good protein treatments here on Amazon.


11. Eliminate Heat-Based Treatment

If you use a hair straightener almost every single day, maybe it is time to step back. Heat is one of the biggest enemies of long and thick hair. Hair falls rapidly when it is subjected to high heat continuously. Other ways to keep your hair away from heat are to never take a shower in hot water and always to wrap your head with a scarf or a hat when walking directly under the sun.

12. Loosen Up That Ponytail

You might be in a rush to get out of the door every morning, and have no time for fancy hairstyles. So, what do you do? You tie your precious hair into a tight ponytail or a bun to last you all day and head off. Sounds incredibly simple, but you do not realize that by doing so, you are slowly killing your hair. Tightly bound hairstyles cause stress on the hairline and increase breakage.


13. Shampoo Gently

The best way to wash your hair is to segregate it into small bunches and apply shampoo on one bunch at a time. This reduces the chances of tangled hair, eventually preventing breakage. It is essential to apply shampoo first to your scalp, massage it, and then to work your way down to the strands. Be gentle to your hair; it will thank you by growing faster.

14. Trim Regularly

Split ends are the leading cause of hair breakage and are often seen in very long hair. While you might not be willing to cut off a portion of the hair that you have so painstakingly grown over months, you are only subjecting yourself to bitterness if you hold on to the split ends. As a safety measure, have your hair trimmed by a professional every couple of months, without waiting for the split ends to appear.


15. Patience Rules

Nothing is more frustrating than letting your hair down again and again only to find that they have not grown to the length and the thickness that you hoped. However, impatience only kills the growth further. A scientific and systematic approach to boosting your hair growth also involves realizing that nothing works overnight, there is no magic spell. All methods take time, dedication, and discipline. Further, if you lose sleep over it, you are bound to risk losing the health and fitness of your body and mind, which are as important as any of the above tips.

Your hair is your asset. Treat it well, and it grows well, treats it unkindly, and well, you lose it. Growing long and thick hair is an all-rounded effort, which is a combination of a healthy diet, conditioning, hydration, and damage control. The next time you watch that supermodel with gorgeous hair on the television, sit back and think about the steps above that you can take to have hair just as beautiful, or possibly, even more.


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