Feel Fresher For Longer And Keep Your Skin Health And Soft With These Showering Techniques

Sep 25th, 2018
Curtito Team

Who doesn’t want to feel fresh after a long shower! Almost everyone enjoys taking a good shower which helps them not only in cleansing their body parts but also to feel fresh. However, it is a common problem for most of us to sweat, feel oily and feel a little less fresh after a few moments of taking a shower. This might happen because of various reasons like humidity, hot weather, use of harsh chemical – laden soaps and body washes, synthetic and low – quality deodorants, etc. It is also not possible to take a shower anytime when we want to freshen ourselves up. Therefore, it becomes essential to make sure that the usual long shower that we take can make us feel fresh for a long duration.

If we follow certain hygienic showering techniques and tips, then we would be able to feel fresh for a longer duration after taking a shower. Some of these tips, as well as methods, are given below:

1. Stop the habit of over-exfoliating the skin

Exfoliation is a good habit which helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells from the body. But over – exfoliation causes significant damage to the skin as it leads to breakouts and excessive oil production in the body. Moreover, it is vital that we choose good quality, gentle scrubs or sponges to clean and exfoliate our skin.

Using Vivre Jolie Konjac Sponges, you can avoid over – exfoliation. It is available on Amazon for a cheap price.

2. Start using natural organic soaps

Most of us have the habit of using harsh soaps on our skin which are made mostly with chemicals. We can change this habit by replacing these harsh soaps with organic soaps which are made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc. These soaps have a wonderful smell, and they also make the skin feel smooth and fresh.

Organic Gold is a natural and organic virgin coconut oil soap and body scrub with real coffee grains is the best exfoliant for fresh clean bath – for healthy and glowing skin. You can get this organic soap on Amazon.


3. Avoid using tap water

Individuals generally tend to take showers using tap water which is usually filled with various chemicals including fluoride and chlorine. This causes excessive oil production in the skin thereby making it more prone to skin infections, breakouts, and body odor. Therefore, we can use filtered water instead of tap water to take a shower.

You can filter your water to stop excess oil production with RainDisc Filtered Showerhead.

4. Stop using harsh shampoos

Most of the shampoos that we use nowadays are made with harsh chemicals, dyes, sulfates, etc. These shampoos tend to make the hair feel oily after some time. We can replace these harsh shampoos with gentle cleansing conditioners which help in preventing excessive oil production in the hair scalp

Renpure Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a great replacement for harsh shampoos.


5. Use aromatherapy techniques

We tend to get tired and feel stressed after a long working day. So, we can add a little change to our normal showers by adding aromatherapy tablets to them. The vapor of these tablets mixes up with the shower water and help in relieving stress off the body. These tablets consist of a blend of various essential oils which help in making the body feel relaxed.

Try "Oh My Pounding Head" Shower Vapour! Place shower vapour on the floor of your shower,(in contact with the running water) breathe in and enjoy the therapeutic blend of peppermint that will feel cool and tingly. Bub-bye pounding head!

6. Avoid using synthetic deodorants

Most of the individuals make use of synthetic deodorants nowadays. But these deodorants are unable to keep the body fresh and free of odor for more extended periods of time. Artificial deodorants can be replaced with natural deodorants which are made from natural ingredients like mineral salts. These deodorants help in resisting body odor for an extended period and make the skin feel fresh and lively.

You can use Non-staining, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, gluten free Lafe's Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone.


7. Use body oil after taking a shower

We should make it a habit of applying body oil on our skin immediately after taking a shower. Application of body oils helps in keeping the skin hydrated and nourished all day long. We should also make sure that the body oil that we are using is lightweight and absorbs easily into the body.

Amaki Nourishing Body Oil uses essential oils that help keep you smelling incredible all day long.

8. Use after – shower sprays or body mists

We can use another technique to keep our body fresh all day long by applying a body mist or an after – shower spray on our skin immediately after taking a shower. Body mists and after – shower sprays are a great remedy for resisting body odor as well as for keeping the body hydrated and fresh.

Aura Cacia Clearing Eucalyptus Body Mist is the product you need for this.


9. Replace normal bath towels with bamboo bath towels

Normal cotton towels take much time to dry out which makes them vulnerable to mold and germs. We can replace these towels with bamboo bath towels which dry much faster and are antimicrobial.

Murphy’s Heavy Plush bamboo ribbed bath towel is super -oft and luxurious, you can use it instead of ordinary bath towels.

10. Use dermatological sprays

There are certain dermatological sprays available in the markets which are rich in probiotic content. These sprays protect the skin from infections, breakouts, eczema, etc. They also help in keeping the skin clean and fresh. However, these sprays should be used only after consulting a dermatologist.

Dermatic Probiotic Spray, is a topical Probiotic Skin Care Treatment that will keep you away from Eczema, Rosacea, Dermatitis and Other Skin Irritations

Environmental pollution has increased to a great extent nowadays which has a profound impact on our skin too. Our skin becomes the easy target of skin infections, body odor, breakouts, etc. which are a result of the ever – increasing pollution. Therefore, it becomes essential for us to keep our skin fresh and clean to stop the accumulation of bacteria and germs in our body. We can achieve this goal of keeping our skin fresh by bringing a few changes in our showering routine. This would help us to remain fresh and hydrated for a more extended period.


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