Tips To Get Clear Skin At Home

Sep 14th, 2018
Curtito Team

Oily skin and skin full of pimples are perhaps the major problems that a huge lot of people face all over the globe. Perfect and oil-free skin is the wish of every individual but is hard to get in this age of so much pollution.

However, there are several ways that you can resort to, that can help you a lot to get clear skin just at home. Here are some of the tips for maintaining skin just at home.

1 DIY natural face pack:

There are a huge lot of face packs that are available in the market that promise to remove oil from the face, but most of them comprise chemicals that on the other hand destroy the skin. But here is a simple DIY face pack consisting of a perfect blend of apples and honey for your beautiful skin.

2 Avocado face pack:

This face pack is a combination of lime juice, avocado, and honey. If you this face pack daily it will help reduce the fine lines and also makes your skin soft and glowing all day long.


3 Butter face mask:

This special homemade butter face mask not only nourishes but also revitalizes the skin and promises a healthy and radiant skin. This face mask is a good combination of olive oil, butter, and honey.

Butter is an excellent storehouse of all the essential minerals like selenium and olive oil and honey are both loaded with antioxidants as well as other nutrients. When these are applied together, this face mask protects the skin from aging and harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

4 Aloe Vera face pack for shining skin:

The gel made from Aloe Vera leaves help a lot to nourish the skin. Once you use this face pack, you will start seeing the results. You will get a glowing skin after applying this face pack for a few months. This face pack not only lightens the skin but also brightens it.


5 Homemade body scrub for glowing skin:

This is one of the homemade scrubs that need just coconut oil, honey and small amounts of sugar. Coconut oil is a natural healer and a superb moisturizer. This scrub has loads of vitamins and minerals and is extremely useful for proper nourishment of your skin.


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