7 Body Parts You Are Cleaning Wrongly. Here Is The Correct Way To Clean Them

Sep 23rd, 2018
Curtito Team

Individuals are very much conscious about their health and hygiene especially when it comes to cleansing their body parts. While taking a shower, everybody has the habit of making sure that they are cleaning all their body parts well. But many parts of the body need extra care and attention when it comes to cleaning them. Most of the individuals have a habit of cleaning their body parts in the wrong way. As a result of this, those body parts may remain unclean or accumulate bacteria and germs.

So, here are a few tips regarding how individuals can clean their body parts in the right way.

1. The vagina

Women should be extremely cautious and careful when it comes to cleansing their vagina. Certain soaps have harsh chemicals which might interrupt the pH level of the vagina leading to bacterial infections. So, women should make sure that they are using the right soaps or intimate washes to clean their vagina.

2. The ears

Most of the individuals tend washing their ears with cotton buds or simply any q – tip after taking a shower. But it is recommended that individuals should use a soft washcloth to clean their ears. The washcloth can be dipped in warm water or a little baby oil to get the best results.


3. The teeth

Dental experts recommend that individuals should spend at least 2 – 3 minutes in brushing their teeth. Moreover, brushing of teeth should not be done more than twice a day as it may lead to damaging of the gums as well as the enamel.

4. Arms and legs

Experts recommend that individuals should not wash their arms and legs with soap daily. This is because it will cause the skin of the arms and legs to dry out.


5. The face

Experts have recommended that individuals should never wash their face with warm water as it makes the skin extremely dry. Instead, they can use lukewarm water for washing their face which will help in keeping the skin hydrated all day long. Individuals should also make sure that they wash their hands properly before washing their face to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

6. The hands

Clinical experts have recommended that the hands should be rubbed together for at least 20 seconds while cleaning them to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and germs.


7. The whole body

Most of the individuals tend to apply soap to their entire body. But the experts recommend that soap should be applied specifically to those parts of the body which sweat a lot such as the face, armpits, butt, and feet.

So, these are some of how individuals can make sure that they are correctly cleaning all their body parts. Taking a shower is an extremely important part of the daily routine of every individual. Therefore, they should make sure that they are cleaning their body parts well while taking a shower to ensure their health and hygiene.


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