Improve Your Life With Just These 5 Tips!

Sep 8th, 2018
Curtito Team

One can always bring improvement to their life, no matter the age. Similarly, there are several ways to improve one's appearance. You will find tons of such videos on YouTube, where young girls advise you how to dress according to the latest fashion among other stuff. But these are all temporary. You cant simply continue adding makeup and glitter and wear fashionable dresses every day; they are ideal only for a day or two.

Will you go back to your original self during the normal days? Of course not! There are several ways via which you can bring huge improvements to your everyday appearance, and the best part is that they are all permanent and work for all age groups. Read the tips below carefully and apply them properly to receive the maximum benefits.

1 A natural recipe for a good hair dye.

Mix lemon juice and aloe vera in a bowl.

Incorporate the lemon and aloe mixture into your shampoo.

Use the shampoo as you normally would. You should see results in just a few days.

2 Whiten your teeth with charcoal.

Charcoal is a natural whitener, so apply it to your teeth, and the stains won't stand a chance.


3 How to make your eyelashes grow longer.

Mix these ingredients and pour them into a bottle: Vitamin E oil, castor oil, and aloe vera gel. Every night before bed, apply the mixture to your lashes with a clean mascara brush.

4 Lipstick that lasts all day.

Use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips.

Apply lip liner and then lipstick.

Place a tissue over your lips and brush on baby powder.

Apply your lipstick one more time.


5 How to apply flawless red lipstick.

First apply concealer to your lips, then apply the red lipstick.

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