10 Ways You Can Use Honey To Get Gorgeous Skin, Hair And Nails

Sep 21st, 2018
Curtito Team

Honey is nature’s gift to our kind of livings. Primary uses of honey are as the substitute for sweeteners in our foods, which is categorized among the healthier version. When you get to know about its other unique benefits and advantages, you will be amazed for sure. These days, uses of honey are found to be dwelling in almost all of the packaged foods and also in various cosmetics. Researchers found this miraculous semi-liquid to be effective in most of the cosmetics used for healing purposes. Beyond these, honey has numerous essential minerals and vitamins intact. It has phytonutrients antioxidants along with the vital enzymes required for enhancement of our total health. They are significant for the healthy growth of our skin and hair, and nevertheless for our overall health too.

Let us now look into the possible options where honey is used effectively along with few other natural products. (Usage of raw honey is always best)

1. Moisturizes and Hydrates your Skin

Honey is loaded with the natural substance called Humectants, that helps in extracting moisture level from the air and boosts it into the skin layers. Application of honey over the skin makes it well hydrated and retains the moisture of the skin for a long period. In addition to that, the nutrients from the honey are transferred to the skin layers and make it glow with health and shine.

Procedure: Just wet your skin with a thin layer of honey, after cleaning it well. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water.

2. Cleanses your Facial Pores

As honey contains vital enzymes, it helps clear your pores and make them hygienically clean. They remove all the dirt and dust accumulated within the facial pores. Moreover, the anti-bacterial properties of honey along with Coconut oil/ Jojoba oil prevents your skin to stay away from all kind of imbalances and infections. And they even work well in keeping your skin free from breakouts.

Procedure: Mix one tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of either coconut oil or jojoba oil. When the mixture gets its consistency for the application, it is ready for use. Just clean your face and apply this pack on your face. Gently massage for about 20 minutes in a circular motion. Then wash clean with lukewarm water. You may use a gentle face-wash to clean.


3. Works Well as an Exfoliator

Honey is well loaded with nutrients to cleanse, nutrify and hydrate your skin. Alternatively, baking soda has the capability to exfoliate the skin gently. It can remove all the dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new and fresh skin cells. As a whole, the mixture of the two makes your skin glow with a new shine and radiant.

Procedure: Blend one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of honey. Apply it as a thin layer on your wet face and start working on it in a regular circular motion. You may also try this on various body parts. After a few minutes, you may rinse off thoroughly. This concoction exfoliates the skin well and moisturizes too.

4. Fades your Tough Scars

Honey is meant to work best on lightening your skin cells. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the appearance of the scars and find its way to heal it. If you make use of coconut oil or olive oil along with it, you will achieve a well-hydrated and fostered skin. Moreover, the healing properties of honey stimulate tissue regeneration and re-growth of new skin cells.

Procedure: Take one tablespoon each of honey and coconut/olive oil. Mix well and apply them over your face. Massage gently in a dedicated motion where you find the scars are thicker. After 10 minutes, you need to put a hot washcloth over your face and let sit for another 10 minutes. Rinse your face with mild soap and repeat the procedure regularly until you find the scars are lightened.


5. Treats Acne

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of honey are good for the treatment of acne and breakouts. They help prevent in building up of bacteria over the skin layers and protect it from further infections. They also have the tendency to decrease redness and irritation caused by the condition.

Procedure: Just apply a thick coat of raw honey all over your face. Soak it for 20 minutes. Then wash your face well with lukewarm water and tap dry. Repeat the procedure daily.

6. Useful in Bath Soak

You can soak yourself in a tub of warm water containing honey. This will not only hydrate your body skin but also effective in repairing your overall skin from all kind of damages and oxidations.

Procedure: Take two tablespoons of honey and mix it with a cup of hot water. Then add this mixture in a tub containing warm water. Soak yourself in it for about 30 minutes.


7. Moisturizes Cuticles

Since honey contains humectants, they are capable of deeply moisturizing the cuticles and nourish them too. Additionally, the coconut oil tempers and self-guards the skin layers. Apple Cider Vinegar is acetic in nature and it helps in soothing the skin and balancing its ph level.

Procedure: Mix one teaspoon each of honey, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Rub this mixture over the cuticles and soak it for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse off with tepid water.

8. Conditions your Hair

For a shiny and conditioned hair, the nutrients and enzymes in the honey can be a good choice. Raw honey is intact with specific nutrients that can work best on your hair without making them weigh down. The soothing properties of coconut oil again can nutrify your hair to shine with more luster.

Procedure: Prepare a mixture of one-tablespoon honey with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply them on your hair shafts when damp. Work towards your hair roots. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.


9. Works as a Shampoo Booster

Honey is best for strengthening your hair follicles well. With its moisturizing and hydrating feature, honey can very well work on your hair with the regular shampoo that you use.

Procedure: Mix one teaspoon of honey with the regular amount of shampoo that you use. Apply it on your hair and lather great. Wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse your hair well. There is no need for further conditioning your hair.

10. Highlights your Hair

Honey contains enzyme glucose oxidase that gradually releases Hydrogen Peroxide. This ingredient is responsible for lightening up your hair shafts.

Procedure: Take three tablespoons full of honey and mix it with water. Now apply this liquid on your wet hair and soak it for about an hour. After that, you can wash your hair as you use to do regularly. You can repeat the procedure twice a week.

All the measures and procedures those are described above, are tried and examined for its effectiveness personally. Since all are natural and chemical-free products, it will make no harm to your skin and hair, in any aspect. However, it is advised that before going for a trial of any of the methods, it is better if you take the patch test and then proceed.


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