10 Ways to Maintain the Young Look of Your Hands

Oct 2nd, 2018
Curtito Team

So often beauty tips and treatments are focused on keeping the face young and fresh, that you might tend to neglect the equally important parts, if not more important, of your body, namely, your hands. Think about it - even taking care of your face requires the use of your hands. Admittedly these are the parts of your body that need the same level of care to remain young and fresh-looking. Here are some ways in which you can care for your hands better.

1. Moisturize and Hydrate

Invest in a good hand cream, and keep your hands moisturized round the clock. They need more hydration than the rest of your body as they are constantly working with a lot of harmful chemicals, such as the dishwashing soap, the detergent for clothes, and so on. It is a good idea to apply a little of the cream every time after you use your hands for cleaning other things.

2. Gloves While Cleaning

A good pair of vinyl or latex gloves is essential to ensure your hands do not suffer drastically when you are sowing seeds in your garden, cleaning the water tank, or even cleaning a bathroom with a strong bleach. These activities can roughen the skin of your hands, making them look older than their actual age.


3. Sunscreen Is Key

This is a classic example of how often people take greater care of their faces than their hands. Do you remember when was the last time you applied sunscreen generously on your hands, and not just the leftovers after you were done with your face? Look for sunscreen with the same SPF that suits the skin of your face, and apply it daily on your hands before stepping out.

4. Exfoliate

Naturally prepared homemade exfoliators, such as a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil and sugar, can effectively remove dead skin from your hands, making them look fresher. You may even use an exfoliator available in the market, although it is always advisable to look for natural ingredients.


5. Use Gentle Soaps

You probably already use a gentle soap for washing your face, but are you doing the same for your hands? Your hands, which get washed a greater number of times than your face in a day, deserve a better hand wash than the ones available in bulk. Buy gentle handwash that contains natural moisturizing agents, such as coconut oil.

6. Nail-Polish Breaks

Manicure, in general, is good for your nails and cuticles, but be sure to take breaks between polishing your nails. Take a complete week off from nail polish, before applying it again. Regularly apply cuticle oil over and above a manicure for stronger nails.


7. No Nail-Biting

This is a lesson everyone learns when they are children. Remember your mom yelling furiously every time you bit your nails? She had a good reason, too. Biting your nails and cuticles weakens them, and makes them brittle. If you just cannot stop, keep a Chapstick handy, and apply it on your cuticles whenever you are tempted to bite them.

8. Treat Dark Spots

Darks spots or pigmentation can result from prolonged sun exposure and can be treated the same way you would treat pigmentation on your face. Apply the same face cream on your hands. You might even apply simple home remedies such as a mixture of lemon juice and water, for a natural bleaching effect.


9. Laser Treatment

Laser treatments, although a bit expensive, can induce collagen building properties in your skin. Go for it if you want, and can afford, an almost permanent solution for your aging hands. It is a non-invasive procedure but requires extra care over the following days. Check with your salon for the right kind of laser treatment for your hands.

10. Essential Oils

Essential oils such as lavender, lemon, and frankincense work wonder when it comes to treating age spots. They further improve the elasticity of the skin to prolong the youth and freshness of your hands. For best results, apply any of these oils before bedtime, and wear gloves for the oil to soak into the skin. Leave the gloves on overnight, and watch your hands soften beautifully in the morning.

Whether you work outdoors often or are safe inside a room all day, being well-versed with methods to keep your hands looking young never hurts. Preventing aging of your hands can not only make them look and feel good, but also can ensure they remain active for a longer period of your life. In addition to beauty tips, pay attention to hand and wrist exercises as well as bone health, in order to get long-lasting benefits for your helpful pair of hands.


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