Amazing Ways You Can Use Banana Peels

Sep 11th, 2018
Curtito Team

Although it is not common, people in many parts of the world consume Banana Peels. In general, the peels of all common fruits are considered to retain additional nutrients and essential fibers, compared to the flesh inside. Eating the peels of bananas can improve your overall body health. They are intact with various nutrients and vital vitamins which are helpful to boost your fitness, promote weight loss and productive in inducing your mood shifts.

Banana peel contains a decent amount of vitamin B6, B12 and essential minerals like potassium and magnesium. They are also packed with loads of protein and fiber, that are required in our daily diet.

Banana is the most common fruit found all over India, and it may be the reason that many of us do not care to know about their real benefits. It is a humble request that before disposing of the banana peels next time, do read the below post and get the fruitful information about the veracious value of the same. You will never want to throw the peels anymore. All the points mentioned are simple and manageable. All of you can try and reap its benefits.

Here is some truth about banana peels, that you may never have known.

1. Consume them

Many people eat banana peels, and they believe that the fruit peel gives most of the vital nutrients for their daily requirement. They make new and variable dishes out from them and consume with great excitement. The peels give you all the essential nutrients in an indispensable quantity. They are not bad ones as most of us have myths of. They are also used for tendering the raw chicken pieces to give the delicious taste to the dishes.

2. Used to Remove Warts

You can make use of the banana peels to treat your warts. They effectively remove warts in various parts of your body and also prevent in occurring back. Just rub the peel on the affected area for about 10 minutes daily until the warts are uprooted completely. You can also tie the banana peel overnight on the influenced area, for better and quicker results. You may need to try this for 3-4 weeks regularly. You will notice that with the elimination of all warts from your body, no new ones have emerged even.


3. For Whitening your Teeth

Most of us are ready to spend lots of money on making our teeth white and sparkling. But with this miraculous fruit peel, you may not need to spend as much. Rub the banana peel on your teeth as the way you brush your teeth daily. Continue the process for about a minute or two. After a short period of a week, you will notice that your teeth will look shinier and more bright as never before. Hence, there is not a need anymore to go to the clinic and whiten your teeth, along with spending huge bucks.

4. It reduces Wrinkles

Prepare a thick mixture of banana peel and egg yolk. Apply this paste on your face where you find wrinkles. Leave this pack for about half an hour and let it dry. Then wash your face with warm water and wipe it clean. The paste can hydrate and nourish your skin to make your wrinkles visibly less. With the regular usage of this pack, you may notice that your wrinkles would have faded completely. Now, you need not go to the parlor and shell out your pocket, for this purpose.


5. Treats Acne and Pimple Marks

Start using the banana peel as a scrub on your face for treating your acne and pimples. Rub the peel gently on the face for about 5 minutes daily. You will get to know the results to be visible in a week. You need to use this peel scrub until your acne and its marks, vanish entirely. It is a straightforward and effortless procedure to fight against those hideous and unloving acne and pimples.

6. Kills Pain

The banana peel is an effective pain reliever too. You can apply and massage the peel directly on the painful area of your body. Do it for about 30-40 minutes. You can also mix a few drops of castor oil during the massage, which would help the peel ingredient to penetrate the skin and also helpful in making the area greasy for a better massage. After 30 minutes, you will observe the pain would have gone completely.


7. Cures Mosquitoes and other Bugs Bites

Just massage the banana peel on the mosquito bit area of the skin and leave it to dry. You will get an instant relief on the irritations caused by the bites and helpful in preventing further swelling and infections. The peel is also useful to treat all other bugs bites.

8. Treats and Heals Psoriasis

The moisturizing and hydrating ingredient present in the banana peel can variably treat Psoriasis. Just apply the peel to the affected region and leave it to sit for 30 minutes. It will work better for reducing the effects of psoriasis and also reduces itchiness. No other medicine can be seen working so competently, like this peel for psoriasis. You can regularly use the usage of the peels for this purpose until wholly cured.


9. Protects your Eyes

For keeping your precious organ safe from the harmful rays and effects of the sun, you can apply the banana peel on your eyes. But make sure that you keep the peels under the sun for a while, before you use it for the treatment. Just rub the peels on your eyes gently for about 2 minutes, on each side. You will get a definitive cure for your various eye problems and also, a shield from the UV rays.

10. To Shine your Shoes and Leather

To make your favorite shoes shine with a brand new and sparkling appearance, rub the banana peel on the shoes for about a minute. Your leather footwear will shimmer as never before. You can also make use this peel for glistening all your leather accessories. The banana peel will offer an instant shine.

Henceforth, making use of the banana peel is not only good for the environment, but also for the betterment of the surroundings. Make reliable use of these peels when it is fresh. Do not store the peel in an open area or the refrigerator even for future use. Eating both the flesh and its peel, are superior for the improvement of the overall health. Now pledge by yourself that you will never try to waste the banana peel hereafter. You may also share this valuable documentation with your near and dear ones.


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