20 Clever Life Hacks You Wish You Knew Before

Sep 21st, 2018
Curtito Team

Every day we rack our imagination to come up with simple solutions for our complicated life. Presented below are some practical tricks that turn out to be a lifesaver when faced with limited time.

1. Blender Clips for Broken KeyBoard Stand

You are already late for work and end up getting irritated when you realized the keyboard is shifting because you haven’t fixed its broken stand yet. Never mind just rummage through your office, and you will find blender clips. Remove them from the case and fix them into the slots of the stand. Voila! Now you got a cheap fix for the keyboard.

2. Extra counter space

Having a house party and do not know how to cook up a gourmet meal faster due to less counter space. Fret not because now you can just pull out the lower cabinet drawer and place your cutting board on top of it. More space and quicker prep for meals.


3. Duct tape to rescue

How many times have you struggled with a tight jar lid? Well, don't ask. But now just wrap around a duct tape on the lid and pull on the other end, the lid just slips open quickly. Thanks to the mighty duct tape!

4. Juicy Bin Problem

Leaking bin due to the leftover juices flowing out of it. A simple solution is to place newspapers at the bottom of the bin. It will soak up all the leftover residue juices from the waste, and the bin won't reek.


5. Adhesive Hooks

An innovative way to catch up on your favorite series while cooking or dishwashing is to hook up your iPad on adhesive hooks. This can be done anywhere, now enjoy uninterrupted series without aching your hands.

6. Upright Boots

It's the season of boots, and unused floppy boots can create creases in the leather. To store them upright inside the closet cut pool noodles and place them inside the boot. Thus, they won't flop anymore.


7. Splinter problems

Got a splinter lodged in the skin, especially kids. Then make a paste of baking soda with water, apply to the area of the injury. Wait for the splinter to pop right out of the skin in a few minutes minus the pain.

8. Microwave cleaning hack

Dried food particles often stick inside the microwave and make cleaning a hell session. Repeat this easy hack while you clean your microwave every time, put a bowl of water inside and let it steam. The hot steam will loosen the leftover food particles.


9. Grilled Cheese

Craving grilled cheese for snacks but do not want to mess the toaster. Turn the toaster sideways after putting in the bread with cheese. Enjoy your snack when it's ready!

10. Flat Pillow

Tired of sleeping on lumpy pillows? Put the pillow in the sun, and it will absorb the moisture and plump it up.


11. Cleaning hacks for keyboard

Can't really get to the nooks and crannies of the keyboard right? And you keep typing with filth. Well, we have found a solution to get those germs off your hands. Use the sticky part of the post-it to clean the parts between the buttons. It will let all the dust and grime stick to it.

12. Rugs in Place

Pets and small kids in the house constantly creating a mess by moving the rug. Place Velcro strips on the inside of the rug and stick it to the floorboards, thus now they are rock solid stuck to the floor.


13. Laptop Cooler

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to cool your laptop without spending extra on a cooling pad, then try this homemade trick. Turn over some empty egg cartons and place your laptop over it, you get plenty of airflows.

14. Heating bowls in the microwave

Want a quick hot meal for two? But can’t place two bowls at a time in the microwave. Don’t worry, just add a ceramic cup and place the second bowl on top of it. A meal for two is ready in minutes!


15. Easy Portable Bed

Spending a fortune on portable beds for kids or just having an extra place to lounge on? To make things easy, just sew four pillowcases together and insert the pillows. You can even remove the pillows and give the case a nice wash when needed.

16. Pizza Warmer

While driving with a takeaway home, turn on the seat warmer in the car. Enjoy a warm pizza while you relax at home.


17. Chapstick trick

Hiding away your emergency money inside the purse while traveling can be risky. Instead, use an empty chapstick or lip balm stick. Roll the money and put it into the stick, all safe.

18. Light Beam

Using your cell phone light under a transparent water bottle will enable to distribute the lighting better than a single beam. Helpful when stuck in the dark without candles.


19. Crib Trick

You normally give away cribs that are no longer in use once your kids grow up. But did you know you can turn them into a clever study table or activity table? Try it will save a lot of money on new furniture.

20. Untangle Jewelry chains

The baby powder goes a long way, sprinkle some of it on jewelry chains to untangle them. A quick trick if without being late for the party.

Hope these points and tricks make your life more comfortable.


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