20 Useful Shoe Hacks You Think You Knew Before

Oct 27th, 2018
Curtito Team

Shoes are an essential part of an outfit. The outfit game can go from amazing to a faux pass just because of the shoes you are donning. Along with this, shoes need to be super comfortable. Imagine stepping into shoes having hard soles, narrow toe place and ankle boundaries that bite. It is hurtful, right?

Now, if you want super cushioned shoes with out of the world insoles, then you need to shell out a lot of money. This is not possible for all the people. Therefore, we have some good shoe yips for you guys, to make your shoe experience super comfortable. Scroll through the article to unveil the tips for a super smooth shoe experience.

1. Widening of shoes in the freezer:

Whenever you buy new shoes, the tip of the shoes is the main problem. It is very uncomfortable and very narrow. There is a perfect hack to loosen it up. What you can do, is take an airtight bag, fill it up with a little bit of water and cover the tip of the shoes with it. Then keep it in the freezer overnight. The water will turn in to ice and will loosen up the shoe tip.

2. Coarse shoe straps:

Whenever we buy mew slipper or flip-flops, it so happens that the strap of those slippers is way too tight. Thus, the frequent usage of those slippers will give rise to blisters on the sides of the ankle. For this purpose, you can use some moleskin and ease the pain.


3. Avoid blisters:

Consider a hypothetical situation where you were out partying and dancing the whole night, and now your feet has got little blisters. The quick fix to this problem is that you can spray some clear gel deodorant on the inner side of your heels and avoid blisters.

4. Don't be embarrassed by squeaky shoes:

Walk into a party and imagine you have squeaky shoes. The attention will be towards you, and it will be pretty embarrassing. Take some baby powder and rub it between the sole and the inner sole of the shoes. This way they will get a good bond to stick with each other, and the noise will be gone.


5. Tie your shoes in style:

Do you want to give your shoes a makeover? Are the old shoes pretty boring for you? All you need to do is change the pattern of your, or you can dye up your shoelaces in different colors. This will add a spark to your pretty boring old shoes.

6. Loosen up the boot shaft:

Whenever you buy new boots, they cling on to the leg too tightly. Wearing them for the whole day is too uncomfortable. In order to loosen them up a bit, you can just add in some balls of newspaper and then remove them whenever you are wearing those boots. The shafts will loosen up on their own.


7. Make your shoes waterproof:

Buying those waterproof shoes is an expensive option for you. You can do this at home, by shelling a small amount of money. Take some beeswax and rub it on your shoes. Voila! You have waterproof shoes for yourself. You can go near the water, wearing your shoes and have fun without being worried of shoes getting drenched.

8. Make insoles for yourself:

If you have bought some insoles from the market and they are not the perfect fit for your feet, or you have a new pair of shoes, and the insoles are too rough. Make your feet happy by customizing an insole for yourself. All you have to do is buy some fabric from the market and cut it according to the insole of your shoe. Make sure to buy a gripping fabric.


9. Soft flip-flop straps:

Are the straps of new flip-flops hurting you? All you need to do is cover them up with a soft fabric, and you will get rid of all those blisters and injuries because of the straps.

10. Tea bags to remove the odor:

If you are someone, who is always worried about the smell coming from your shoes, we have a hack for you. Smelly and stinky shoes are always a problem. In order to get rid of the odor, you can take some unused green tea bags and let them sit in your shoes overnight. The smell will be gone in a jiffy.


11. Shoe creases and the fixture:

If you have good sneakers and you are tired of those nasty and stubborn creases, then fret not, we are here to rescue you. Just take a wet cloth and cover the shoes with it. Then use a steam iron over it, so that you can fix those creases. They won’t be gone completely, but something is better than nothing.

12. Sandpaper on the soles:

It often happens that when you buy new shoes, you do not get the perfect grip and you can slip easily. For this purpose, you can rub the sandpaper on your soles. The soles will get rubbed a little, and the grip will be back again.


13. Handy heel grip:

Those girls night out calls for long hours of dancing at the clubs. You have to be really sure of your grip on the dance floor. In addition to this, there is a lot of discomforts caused as well. So, what you can do is insert a handy heel grip, and then you can loosen yourself at the party.

14. Give a makeover to your heel linings:

With the often wear and tear of the heels, the heels break down. If you want to keep your heels intact for the longest time, you can use some fabric and patch up the heel lining by covering it up with the fabric. You will get a brand new heel without any expense.


5. Arch inserts:

1In case you are suffering a lot of discomfort near your arches, what you can do is buy those arch inserts and inject them in your shoe.

16. Get rid of water stains:

I can understand the pain, when the leather shoes, wherein you have invested good amount of money are stained. Worry not; just take some vinegar and mix it with water. Then take a toothbrush and rub it over the stains. Let it sit for ,some time, and the stains will be gone.


17. Heel caps are saviors:

If you are scared of your heels getting damaged, then the best option is to invest in some of those heel caps. Heel caps are the knight in shining armor for girls. You will be able to fix up your broken heel easily.

18. Cut of your heels:

Are you the kind of girl who roams around in flats the whole day and can only manage the small height of heels? But the concern here is that most of the good looking shoes have got high heels. For this purpose, you can take a visit to the cobbler and get them cut off. It is also an amazing way to give your old shoes a completely new look.


19. Avoid shoe odor:

Panty liners are just not useful for that time of the month, but it can be used for other purposes as well. When you wear shoes for long hours continuously, there is a lot of sweat that is generated. Take panty liners and inject them near the lining of your shoes. The panty liners will absorb the sweat since the reason for the odor is sweat, and your shoes won't be stinky.

20. Prevent chafing:

Chafing is not good for your feet. Especially, for all the athletes, these hack for chafing is really useful. To prevent chafing, you can use some K-Y jelly to layer up your heels.

In a nutshell, these hacks will surely ease your pain and discomfort caused because of the shoes. Let your feet have a happy day.


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