21 Things You Did Not Know The Use For

Sep 21st, 2018
Curtito Team

Each device and products are designed and manufactured after going through a lot of design thinking. We do not even notice, but even simple household devices have been designed with greater care to make our lives simpler. There might be few things that we are missing out using these devices which can make it more convenient. Please go through the below tips and tricks and notice the difference in your life!

1 Check the expiry date of the products before their use.

The expired creams and makeups can have severe reactions on the skin. The expired food items can upset your stomach. Be cautious.

2 This version of the iPhone is much smarter, let’s see.

Apple has put a small black hole between the lens and the flash of the camera. The black hole is a built-in microphone, use it to improve the videos and audios that you create using your phone.


3 Metal plate on your stapler, does it have any purpose?

Yes, it does have. The metal plate is rotatable, and it can help you to pin the staple and fasten it. Now, a staple remover is not required.

4 Let’s examine an X-Acto knife.

If the blade loses its sharpness, then you can snap it off and move onto a sharper layer. The knife has an intelligent design which helps in snapping the edge safely. The dull blade goes in the groove of the core making snapping safe.


5 Aluminum foil or plastic wrap,

How can you stop getting the whole roll to fall out. Most of us face the embarrassing moment when we are trying to cut aluminum foil or plastic wrap, and the complete roll falls out. If you closely analyze, at the sides of the box there are little tabs that can be popped out to stabilize the roll in the box.

6 number “57” printed on the Heinz Ketchup bottles.

Now, this is very innovative, number “57” printed on the Heinz Ketchup bottles. Next time when the ketchup gets stuck in the bottle then tap at the location of “57” and ketchup will start flowing. It is called the sweet spot of bottle.


7 The little hole at the end of the lollipop plastic stick.

It has a function too. During the production, a part of the candy gets melted into this little hole, which makes the candy stick firmly to the rod.

8 Why Are Symbols printed on the Plastic containers ?

The plastic containers have two kinds of Symbols, one at the upper side and one at the bottom. The upper one tells the type of the plastic which is helpful for recycling. The bottom one says if it is microwave and dishwasher safe.


9 The little plastic ring at the bottom of the bottle cap.

The Bottlecap usually has a little plastic ring at the bottom that helps to prevent any spills or leakage.

10 The two rings of headphone jack.

The headphone jack most probably has two rings on it creating three sections and insulating one from another. They help to distinguish the connection between the left and the right speaker.


11 The small extra piece of same fabric that comes along with some clothes.

With some clothes, you may get “extra” small piece of same fabric and buttons. They are provided so that you can check the effect of detergent on them before washing the actual cloth.

12 The small hole provided on the top of a pen.

Innovation at its best. The small hole provided on the top of a pen. It is not about making it beautiful. People have a common habit of chewing pen and pencils, especially when they are tense or in deep thinking. Pen companies have thought of the worst scenario in case you swallow the pen cap. The hole in the pen cap will provide an air passage, and you won’t choke.


13 A small hole on all the airplane windows at the very bottom.

When the plane is flying at the higher altitudes, this hole will help to maintain the correct air pressure inside the plane.

14 Apple cables are unique pieces of innovation.

The square box in the mid of the cable has two hooks. You have to open them; they nicely hold the cable when you wrap it around the square box.


15 All converse shoes have holes in the middle.

Have you ever wonder why? No not for a fancy look, actually they are there to have a fresh air circulation inside the shoe and to provide some insulation to your feet.

16 There is a hole on the rulers at the end

More holes, ever wondered why there is a hole on the rulers at the end? So that you can nicely hang it and find it when needed.


17 Caps of most of the ointment bottles and tubes have a small indent.

They are provided to open the bottles or tubes by puncturing the seal or foil.

18 Power cords and cables have little lumps at one end

Power cords and cables have little lumps at one end, better known as ferrite cores or chokes. The lumps are filled with magnetic iron oxide to nullify the impact of any high-frequency magnetic interference.


19 Cooking pot/pan handles have holes at the end.

Another holy-moly. You guessed it right. You can hang it nicely using the hole. Also, while cooking, you can put your saucy spatula in the hole instead of putting it on the kitchen top.

20 Holy pasta strainer.

It has a hole in the middle to measure exactly on serving. If you eat or serve my measuring, then you can use it to know the quantity easily.


21 The small arrow located on the side of the gas gauge.

It will help you to find which side is your gas cap is on. Sometimes we may end up parking on the wrong side in gas stations. You can save yourself from that awkwardness by checking this arrow.


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