10 DIY Screen Door Ideas to Spruce up Your Home

Sep 22nd, 2018
Curtito Team

Screen doors have gained ample admiration these days, beyond its traditional utilitarian use. They are being used both inside and outside of the home. Making use of typical DIY Screen doors adds up glamour and charisma to your home for sure. Moreover, it is the least expensive idea to groom up your sweet home.

These screen doors are easy to handle, flimsy and you have wide choices to modernize its shades by adding molded embellishments. The task of making a sheer screen door is convenient. Most of the salvage stores offer you the authentic painted screen doors that possess a dramatic feature in spite of its years of usage. You may own them, and put up with a clear spray coat of your desirous paintings and ultimately start enjoying the end model. There are endless ideas, and you can make use of the following suggestions, to fabricate stunning designs of DIY screen doors.

1. The simplest Screen Doors- Room Dividers

Here you get to discover the simplest and easiest way to screen your doorways with these elegant Room Dividers. Just making use of some of the tools, and of course, with a helping hand, you may use your innovative ideas to recreate these room dividers. You can also make use of varieties of paint shades to attain your wishful design and create vibrant patterns of the room dividers. Such screen doors would mark its presence among the number of decors in your home and for sure, would grab everyone's attention.

2. Inviting your Guests with Old Door Style

No décor would beat the uniqueness of these kinds of old-door-style screens. These collections have proven its royalty in spite of the arrivals of thousands of contemporary styles and patterns. With minimal interest and with just a little creativity, the age-old style can greet your guests with utmost gratitude. These doors are the most welcoming and bring up the happy feeling of been welcomed, to your Granny's sweet home. At the same time, such types of screen doors have taken their presence to be still modern and appealing, by most of the décor lovers. A cookie-cutter house can be turned into the most inviting one, with this quality looking doors.


3. Go for New Canvas embossed Screen Doors

Keep in mind that the screen doors do not have to be always a plain black canvas. You may browse for many choices and designs to be embossed on the canvas, that can further be used as screen doors. Look at the one shown as an illustration in which the crazy cat wants to catch up the butterflies, unknowingly that is out of reach. The other one has an inspiring quote indicating ”Live, Laugh & Love." These kinds of quotes would remind everyone to keep everything in perspective. You have different takes on for the screen to paint; also that would eventually satisfy every bit. Don’t mind if you are not too good at painting canvas. Also do not forget that you have a brilliant choice of inexpensive stencils and for some acrylic paints, that can be easily bought from any crafts stores. The activity would add up as a weekend project, that delivers a pre-eminent product in the end, made with dollops of interest too.

4. Endearing Jewelry Rack

Everyone would love this model. Such types of screen doors, not only consume little efforts and cheaper materials but also help you a lot with its unique functional purpose. You have the elegant choice of leaving the antique doorframe as such, or you can furnish it with a poppy color. However, when you decide to leave the frame with its original combative glory, do not forget to clear coat it by sealing all the chippings. You need to touch up with a few well-placed screws and nails, That’s it. You are done with a screen door that is also worthwhile in keeping you well organized. Moreover, when one is stocked with full interest and with good artistic talent, could make use of the stencils to amaze the look of the screen door, still stunning.


5. Place it either indoors or outdoors

For the lovers of nature and its beauty, this choice of screen doors would be the outstanding ones. The garden lovers would be keen to have such type of variants in screen doors. For a few reasons, we might think of placing a screen door that should purposely not cover or hide anything in particular. For such demands, those people may go with this choice of green leafy screen doors. The used old doorframes in our home, which are felt as disposable material and still you are not fully satisfied to throw it out, hurray, you may make use of such unusable doorframes here. You can spruce up the frame with a stunning paint and thus can intensify your garden with some flair. You may use these screen doors as an arbor, trellis or even as a fence for an animal-free garden. You do have endless options to trim up your garden space with such green screen doors.

6. Use as an Organization Station

You can find numerous and creative uses of screen doors or its frames, as the one highlighted here. This idea of making the doorframe constructed with a black board can be readily and conveniently used for homely announcements or event commencements or even for the promotion of your small business. It is an excellent piece of an organization by just getting a chalkboard and painting the frame with your unique ideas. You can get these things from local hardware stores, and nothing is harder to finish it. If you are in the idea to have a board that does not need to last longer, then you may also go for the option of selecting cardboard even.


7. A fantastic option for a Baby/Pet Gate

Often, you would wish to have a door/room in your home, to be left open all the time throughout the day. However, for some reasons like having pets or small children, you are not able to do so. The scenario could be changed. Now, you have the fantastic option of putting in screen doors, in place of unpleasant baby-gates. Kids would have no more mere jumps to attain freedom from their gates, nor the pets feel arrested anymore. You can make use of unique screen doors as an impressive interior divider as a perfect and ideal choice in your living rooms. Moreover, the option is so simple and not too complicated to make one such screen doors for the sole purpose of securing both pets and kids happy.

8. DIY Bookshelves Screen Door

Apart from all other ideas for making screen doors, this bookshelf serving as a screen door is not as elementary as one would imagine. Here, you need an old bookcase and a few materials, to go on to work out with your favorite screen door to create a revolutionary model. This kind of screen door is ideal for a porch or for the living space that has an insufficient pantry.


9. Screen Door Carport

This idea is the ultimate way to develop your living space. However, this activity is not going to be an easy-to-go DIY project for everyone who likes to start. You need to do some hard work to procure a wholly finished screen door. You can opt for these carports as a dip from the traditional porch. They are easy to design and can also be removed according to your needs whenever you feel it is not necessary. The carports have screened panels that make it comfortable to use and also can be added as a screened patio in outdoors. It would be one of the excellent ideas to have a screen door for your family picnics.

10. Flawless Screen Door for your Open Pantry

You might be having a craving always thought within you, on how to screen all those pantry items from been displayed to all of your guests. Do not worry further. You are given the fantastic model of screen doors that can mask all the unwanted looks of your living space. Moreover, the joy of adding these kinds of screen doors, would feel you like having a fantabulous and yet marvelous home decors. This idea is meant to be great when you look into the final product. You can make use of fabric piece or a thin wooden backing, in place of the contemporary mesh screens. You may also take this activity as a first spring clean, just before you step into the untidy season of the pantry.

The results can vary according to one’s creativity and anyways, would be mind-blowing in all aspects. The entire thing is that you would enjoy the making of such screen doors with maximum fun and enthusiasm. They can also be stated as just the beginning of the bewildering DIY weekend projects. The most favorite thing about these weekend activities is its simplicity and convenience. You need to put up a few of your innovative skills, and that's it, you are done with a superb job. If you spend much time and use your extreme creativity skills and ability over such projects, the final product would turn out to be the unique and shattering one. All do have their creative skills flowing down from their minds when you are in need of such decors. Then it is of no doubt that, you gain with out-standing screen doors for sure.


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