10 Creative Ways To Achieve Privacy Without Using Curtains In Your Home

Sep 11th, 2018
Curtito Team

No one in this world does not want privacy unless you are an artist and selling off your private moments for billions. These people also sometimes need a break from the cameras and paparazzi. Here is how you can get away from snoopy and prying eyes and have a cozy abode with no one asking you questions with their ill expressions about your innermost secrets. Home is the only place you can be safe.

Bottle away the neighbors


One has to be artistic to know the art of using glass bottles dotted along the windowsill. These are adorable things. These could be empty alcohol bottles or water bottles. The colors that look the best are sunset yellow to bring in the evening in style. Many people get their architects to build their homes in such a way that they have sunlight streaming directly through at least one window, and it is on that window side that you should place these colorful empty bottles. If one is an art lover, he or she can find blues and purples in containers and maybe draw flowers or other art designs on the bottles to make home a calming hearth.

Planters can obscure the view and give you a feeling of wealth.


If one wants creepers along the doors, and windows such that neighbors cannot peep in when you are dancing but do not know where to hang them correctly then go for tires to hang these plants. You should first paint these tires. Try innovative colors for painting. How about lavender with the right finish in four to five coats so that the tire looks like a piece of art straight from a movie. Also, bring large and tall wooden blocks and plant something there for getting some privacy at the least.


Glass painting


If you have a glass window which is the most common window type in my country, then get the glass painted. It is inexpensive but looks very expensive. Give the room a regal touch, and an antique feel for a minimal cost, and make your room look ageless.

Next design for a window to offer privacy is a faux stained glass window.


Design the glass window as such, and all you need to know is stick the design without bubbles. The theory works at night too. Faux stained is good quality material and style you are choosing. It will not wear off anytime soon. You can get residential as well as designs meant for larger windows such as those found in companies and offices.


Lace it up.


It is your daughter's bedroom, and you wish for it to be pretty and safe then trust art and get a lace cloth and paste it on the window. Paste lace cloth on the whole glass, and then hang some lace on the edges in bow forms. Make it look like a princesses' room.

Gallery glass experimentation


Glass comes in many designs, and the model we are recommending is waterfall designs. No one can see through this pattern, and waterfall images bring about a feeling of well being and looks very artistic when placed in your workstation at home. Gallery glass is art at its best, and even architects recommend this design. The whole idea is to blur the view.


Fluorescent stickers


If you find trouble sleeping at night, then the best thing for you would be fluorescent stickers in sound quality in the owl and stars design, and you would own the room with the self-expression designs. Stick a luminous moon design there too if you are a moon person, and you would have something to think about every night as you doze off.

You can use dried potpourri.


Get some large pieces of fragrant potpourri and stick it to the window in completion. It will look artsy and floral in smell in equal measure. It will just light up your room, and the pieces would be stuck there for a reasonably long time if you use hot glue. You will marvel at your artistic ability throughout when you look at your private window each time.


Stick contact paper on the window glass.


Contact paper is the best way of getting privacy without the use of curtains and without stopping light from streaming in. This measure is, therefore, being called life-changing by us. The method is called frosting. You can remove this paper once you are tired of this measure and want a different window glass design. Use a tight fit for perfect decor.

Patterned fabric


If you had a dress which you loved a lot and did not ever wish to stop wearing, but now it is finally out of use, and you want to act creatively around it then tear it up with scissors and stick it to parts of the window glass. It would remind you of pretty ancient days, and it would give you something pretty to look. Bring in the happy memories this new years eve with this exciting DIY project. I like laces and brocade material when this trick needs to be tried. Another quotable idea is buying extra into your sofa cover material and sticking that onto the window glass for another artistic movement.

It is a certainty that you found at least one design worth replicating. You have thus solved the peeping tom problem, and finally got the space that you needed. These are all DIY designs, and you ought to be proud of yourself for being an art maker and art curator. The decoration of the apartment in this way is being called apartment therapy in today's day and age. Now, you do not need a fist fight with that tom, and all you need is a message that you have got your private space right, and you wish them all very well That fight averted is all that we are aiming and also happy decorating to you.


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