10 Extra Ordinary Uses With Ordinary Household Items

Sep 4th, 2018
Curtito Team

Most of the people when talking about household things, they find them ordinary, but when this question comes to a woman then, she will exaggerate it to another level which is true. There are many food items that not only satisfy your hunger but also have some very unusual uses that many of us don't know, let's have a quick look at them.

1 Coconut Oil

When someone says coconut oil, the only thing that comes to mind is it's good for hairs, and it has a deadly combination with banana chips. But no one knows that a knife with rust can be treated magically with coconut oil to removes its rust, dab some oil the knife and leave it for an hour and then the rust will be gone. And do you know that the combination of coconut oil and lemon juice is the best furniture polish, more even it will make your house smells like Hawaiian Vacation.

2 Onion

Onion is famous for onion rings and for adding taste in any dish, and when it comes to its unusual properties, Onion is a great Deodorizer. When your basement smells bit damp, leave a half onion over there till next morning, it will remove all the smell. Even If you don't like that paint smell then just put some slice of onion in a glass bowl full of water, after some time it will be gone.


3 Milk

Milk is best for bones, for calcium and have some extraordinary healing properties when taken with turmeric but do you know, it is best for removing ink stains also, just soak the defected clothes in the milk with some few drops of lemon juice for few hours and all the stains will be gone. What if a china cup brokes just boil it in milk make sure it is fully covered, the pieces will be joined themselves.

4 Honey

Honey got a fantastic taste; it tastes superb when taken with some toast but do you know that it also works as an antiseptic? Just apply it to your wounds and let it's sugar disinfect the wound, healing it super quickly. Not only a great antiseptic but also a great moisturizer, a mixture of 4 tablespoons of honey with 2 egg whites and 2 tablespoons of flour gives you an excellent homemade moisturizer, especially for sensitive skin.


5 Salt

Add to taste, yes it's something that adds a fantastic flavor or gives a taste to the food. But do you know that a mixture of salt, vinegar, and flour in equal parts turn to be an excellent polish for copper and brass? Now, no need to buy those expensive polishes you already have one. Also, salt is a good carpet cleaner nobody likes to see stains on their carpet especially on the white one, sprinkle some salt over it and let it sit for ten mins and then vacuum it, your stains will be gone.

6 Banana

Banana, the most favorite fruit of kids and everyone likes its taste. But, do you know you can also use it to polish everything from silverware to leather? You should try it. If your household plants are looking dull just dust them off with the banana peel, they will again start looking fresh and healthy.


7 Vinegar

Its something which goes superbly with Chinese dishes but do you know that its superb in removing bad odor? If your clothes are badly affected by the cigarette smell, just add some vinegar in hot water tub and soak your clothes in that. The bad odor will be gone. Also for removing mildew, especially in those hard to get to shower corners, just spray an equal proportion of water and vinegar over it, it will eat the mildew away.

8 Baking Soda

Baking soda is popular for its different uses like for cleaning those stubborn coffee mug stains. Just rub the inside of the mug with the cloth dipped in the baking soda. All the stain will be gone in a few minutes. You can also use it for cleaning stovetop. Just sprinkle some baking soda over the top and add some hot water to make a little paste and leave it for some time. Wash it after some time with a cloth and your stove will be clean now.


9 Citrus Peels

Orange and Lemon zests, when added to different dishes, gives a different taste to them. But they are very helpful for cleaning the microwave as well. Instead of chemicals, place a bowl of water with any lemon or orange peel dipped in it and heat for five mins, the steam will remove all the dirt. And for cleaning and deodorizing the garbage disposals, lemon peels can be used.

10 Potato

Potatoes are those which be used in any dish and give a unique taste every time. But it has some unique properties also like for removing rust off cast iron skillet, which is very difficult to remove. For this just cut a piece of potato and scrub it over, the starch will remove all the rust. Also, potatoes hold hot and cold for a long time, instead of using compress just heat a potato for hot compress and freeze it for a quick ice pack.

Now, Do you still think that our households are ordinary? No, right. All those things a person feel is usual, is not, look at it from another angle you will find an entirely new use with it.


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