Bizarre Pictures That Really Need An Explanation

Nov 16th, 2018
Curtito Team

Have you heard the saying, A picture says a thousand words?. Well, sometimes a picture really can, but just has words that ask more questions than it answers. Here is a whole bunch of pictures that we really wish were explained since they seem funny, and we can only imagine what had happened to lead to what they are posted for. So be amused and wander away.

1 Hey Jason, you messed up everything.

2 Your name is moonblood that doesn’t mean you have a power to control your blood circulation. You Psycho!


3 They are coming to suck it, dumbass.

4 When your parents check your mobile and you forget to delete history and bookmarks. Explanation changes to destruction.


5 Reusable ?? How many use it before? Please Stop this shit!

6 Not Worth it!


7 Thats how you can lose your virginity

8 Everyone became silent when he said, i was with my wife.


9 But Why ??

10 Whom to believe?


11 Please explain this shit!

12 Why were you fingering it?


13 OMG! Words say it all. 12 months! Really Awkward!

14 When you dont love your life!


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