12 People who Totally Asked the Wrong Guy for Photoshop Help

Oct 30th, 2018
Curtito Team

Humor filled Twitter user – James Fridman is a distinctive personality who deluges himself in assisting his digital friends with their unique Photoshop needs. But the way he comes out of his superior ideas for all their requests, clearly states that they should have probably not approached him. Since James is one of the hysterically funny trolls on the internet, people love to fulfill their Photoshop needs, only with him. In turn, James himself is impatient in creating his mischief. He is amused in making use of his Photoshop abilities as a canvas for all such chuckle some acts.

When certain people are not entirely clear about what they actually want, this certainly sets an unusual stage for Mr. James to play with all sorts of his liberties. With the requests that he receives, he takes it as accurately as possible which gives back the result that makes you screaming with laughter.

Here are some 12 instances where he found to be working to his extreme in both irony and extra-ordinary Photoshop deeds,


This crazy woman wants her boob to look extensively colossal, as it was not actually. As she requested her to wish to Mr. James Fridman, the great mirthful Retoucher, he had fulfilled her wish in his way of humor and uproarious. Just have a look at the funniest Photo-shopping and guess who is right.


Here, the lady Susanna T wants her dad to be away from the screen-space. And she put up a request to our Photo-shopper James, which resulted in such a ludicrous shot. As the woman was feeling awkward, with this shot where her dad is looking towards her. She wanted her dad to face the other way. But notably, James has worked too much to make her dad turn to another side.



All this little boy want, is to look taller than his father. He made a call for Mr. James Fridman to do so. Alas, not sure whether the boy is truly satisfied or not. The eagerly wish to become taller turned out to be a crash. The boy never grew up.


The handsome guy in the shot wants to be in the Miami Beach with few of his sexy girl friends. He solicited this request to James Fridman. But look at the real consequence that took place. He was seen neither on the beach nor were his girl friends with him. Poor Guy, he might be little more specific.



James Fridman has tried his unusual abilities in this particular Photo-shopping, with utmost inhumanity. The man wants his face in the second photograph merge in the previous one. The upshot does not state anything like that. Instead, it is clear that one among both is for sure, out of the box personality.


This customer of James Fridman is very particular about her needs. It seems that she lied to her close buddies and in real need of help from James. She made up a story to her friends that she visited Paris and misspelled ‘Eiffel Tower’ as Eyefell Tower. James did not want to stumble away this opportunity and made use of the word in his photographic propensity. It was good in all ways.



This beautiful angel wants an angel on her belly. Pity on her. James encountered an incorrect spell in her wish. As he is not new to the scenario, he does not want to let it go. He sketched a mathematical angle on her belly, with wings of course. With some calculations, photography is not too bad.


The lady voluntarily requested for an ‘ass’ to be portrayed on her snap shot. The hilarious mastermind did not make any mistake again. In her photograph, James has introduced a smart fellow whom we all name as an ass. Hereafter, she will not be the one who writes wrong in any circumstances.



This independent man wants to be more independent from some of his frantic lifestyles. He asked Mr. James to add some drama to his photography, where he demanded to have something to jump away from. James added up his own ‘responsibilities’. Does not it look levelheaded?


The man wants himself to be paired up with someone special. James did not want to go for the second thought. He readily switched on the TV screen on his back. And thus he fulfilled this man’s wish. He is not anymore alone now.



James Fridman is also good at discovering new hairstyles. Here is one such instance. The man along with his son wants both of their hair make-ups to be altered in entirely a rocking way. James had entitled some mismatches and made the request done. Look out the picture carefully. There are no new styles invented. Only thing is the styles were inter-changed and misplaced. They are yet rocking.


The lady requested changing the shape of her head. She does not want to look round shaped as she was in real. James decided to play with the technology and just changed the shape of her face from circle to square. Thank God, he did not opt for hexagonal or octagonal.







One girl wanted his father’s head to be turned around. One boy wanted to look taller than his dad did but finally attained a shrunken father. It is no doubt that all these individuals will have learned a terrific lesson from the great Photoshopper- James Fridman. Eventually, there is no hope that they liked the attention. The best of his Photoshop Jobs takes place only when his customers request for a more specific need or issue. It is only when the person in need makes any silly slips, James fall into the ocean of thoughts. With all such requisitions, we also can judge that people are of course interested in the jobs of James Fridman. With as many people as keen in having their unique attentions, James can always rock in his way. People are willing to keep sending their photographs to convert them into such notorious ones.


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