15 Shocking Facts About China

Sep 20th, 2018
Curtito Team

The People's Republic of China is the most populous country on Earth. With the booming population of China, it has also been termed as the country with the highest economic GDP. We all know China for the weird traditions and culture, but a country with a powerful army.

Recently, China was rolled on to the black pages of the history because of the Yulin festival, which comprised of people eating the dogs. A lot of controversies came into existence because of the Yulin festival. In case, you thought that this was the only shocking condition in the country of China, then let me burst your bubble. Here in this article, after detailed research, we will mention some surprising facts about China that will blow your mind. Get ready to step into the world of mind-blowing facts about the most populous but winning loads of accolades country, China.

1. Cutting down trees for chopsticks

Trees offer us the oxygen to survive in this deadly world and are an excellent resource for the world. China has ignored the basic needs of humans and is responsible for the lowest number of forests in their country. The statistics show that around 20 billion trees are slashed yearly so that the population of 80 billion people can consume a pair of chopsticks. Depending on these numbers, the world's largest public square in Beijing, the Tiananmen Square can be covered 360 times, if these pairs of chopsticks are laid out. China, its time you shift to eco-friendly ways of food consumption or chopsticks curation.

2. Unfolding the phrase

Money can buy everything. This phrase when used in China has an exhaustive meaning. All the people having a wealthy background can escape from imprisonment. It so happens, that body doubles are used by the rich people of China to serve the prison tenure. It is such an ordinary thing for the people of China that they have a phrase dedicated to this practice, known as "Ding Zui," meaning substitute criminal.


3. Consumption of Cats

In the Guangdong province of China, every day around 10,000 cats are lacerated and consumed by the people. It came to light that these cats are housed in obnoxious conditions and are skinned and cooked alive. Now, that's something that is disgusting and horrendous about China.

4. Dyeing their Pets

Chinese people are fond of wild animals, but the well-known fact is those wild animals cannot be tamed like domestic animals. So, people of China came up with an idea, that is completely out of the box. The target was to paint the fur of the pets. For instance, someone dyed their golden retriever orange with black stripes, gaining resemblance to a tiger. Which is why the pet dyeing jobs help people earn loads of money in China.


5. Robots in the Restaurant

This trend is apparently the new rage in the country. In most of the provinces of China, the remarkably the Anhui province has employed robots in restaurants. Robots greet the customers and deliver them food. The entire cost of the robot is estimated at around 10,000 dollars.

6. Cheese and traditions

In the Ancient era, dairy products were associated with the people residing on the outskirts of China. These people were barbaric. Thus, the people of China were not inclined towards the consumption of dairy products. With the future development, dairy products are being consumed by them, but consumption of cheese is still considered as barbaric.


7. Panda on Loan

Everyone loves baby pandas. Black and white, fluffy and fury. According to research, newly born pandas are transported to China, so that they can increase their population. Then, these pandas are loaned to people on the basis of an agreement using FedEx services. A tradition of China, going on since the cold war.

8. People still residing in caves

In the Shaanxi province of China, the staying hub for people are caves. In the Chinese language, these caves are termed as Yaodong and provide people luxurious living options contrary to the primitive ideas, associated with the caves. There are a huge living area and a cutout door in the mountain.


9. Cult in China

There is a cult in existence in China, that believes that the Christ is still functioning in China, portraying him as a Chinese woman. A cult named Church of the Almighty God has its belief in the presence of Jesus Christ as a woman. The sect follows a woman known as Almighty God. It is believed that this cult is a terrorist organization.

10. Sheng Nu women

All those women, who are single and are not married in their late 80's are known as Sheng Nu. The term translates into leftover women. In the Ancient era, this term was extensively used in China and is now spreading to North America and Asia as well.


11. People Parliamentary Police Training

The training of the officers in China, is considered way too tough and rigid. To maintain the discipline and the right posture in the army, the officer's collar holds a pin on either side. This pin is attached near the chin, holding them from falling asleep because of exhaustion.

12. Longest Traffic Jam

Are you tired of dealing with the traffic jams of your country? Imagine being stuck in a 62-mile long traffic jam, that lasted for 12 days. During this condition, it was witnessed that the drivers for fun played cars and used to sleep on the asphalt. The traffic jam stretched till the outskirts of Beijing and had a moving speed of less than one mile in a day.


13. China and its Food

Chinese company and manufacturers are the major players in the world of food adultery. From various reports, it was found out that the oil in China was being manufactured from oil waste from gutters. It came to light that the duck meat was marinated in the duck urine to give it that smell and taste.

14. Air Pollution in Beijing

People living in Beijing are asked to wear face masks all the time, to protect themselves from toxic air condition of Beijing. Through various researches and studies, it came to light that breathing the air in Beijing is as toxic as smoking 21 cigarettes in a day. We can now unfold the secret behind people of China, wearing masks all day long.


15. Virgin Boy Eggs

Have you ever thought about virgin boy eggs? You must be wondering the idea behind these eggs. Let us unveil the truth. Basically, in every spring season, the eggs are boiled in the pee of young boys. They are considered as a delicacy there. All those who are into the consumption of virgin boy eggs believe that these eggs hold a lot of health benefits. These benefits include purification of blood and provision of energy. Aren't you grossed out with this tradition or it is mind-blowing for you?

In a nutshell, all these practices have been going on in China since ages and hold some twisted stories. The people of China hold these beliefs, but for the people around the world, these facts prove to be really shocking and mind-blowing.


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