if you're gonna pose for a selfie you should at least clean your damn room first

Mar 24th, 2019
Curtito Team

We live in a time full of people obsessed with selfies. Yes, everyone who takes a selfie wants to look their absolute best and will go through several snaps just to get that perfect one but it shouldn't end there. What if the problem with the picture isn't you? What if it's your background? Do you even bother to make sure it's not a mess? A dirty bedroom can ruin the best selfie. If you don't believe me, take a look at these hilarious pics.

1 I know you have nice boobs but I really don't think any guy in his right mind would hook up with you after seeing all that mess behind you.

2 I guess she has never heard of a dresser. Everything that is just sitting on the floor in this picture belongs in one or in the bathroom.

Also, what's up with the mirror that hasn't been taken out of the box?


3 She is totally fit. You can't deny that at all.

But you would think that someone that takes so much time to make sure their body is completely in shape would take the time to clean!

4 Not the worst but still not great. She should have paused her selfie for like 10 minutes to pick up the random shit all over her room.

That would make this picture 1000 times hotter.


5 Even with a booty that slamming I just can't see someone coming over to smash. Within minutes of being there, they would be ready to leave.

Look at the floor, you can tell it's nasty by the stains. Is that a rat I see down there?

6 This room isn't bad if you ignore the fire hazard sitting in the middle of it. All those clothes just stacked on to of those wires. Nope.

Show us a picture of you cleaning that room in those undies and then we can talk.


7 Ma'am that's a cute little stuffed animal you have back there but you really need to clean up your background.

Probably a good thing you hid your face huh?

8 This is one of those

Check out the mattress on the floor and the clothes all over the place. Then look at her panties. THEY STILL HAVE THE TAG!


9 It's not so much that this room is dirty as much as there is just shit all over the place. Please be aware of your surroundings ma'am.

A cluttered room in the background is a good way to go from a 10 to 2.

10 She's so thin and so hot in that bikini that it's a shame her nasty room takes away all the attention that her body should be getting.

It really isn't that hard to just pick up behind yourself. I don't care how lazy you are.


11 Here we have yet another woman who is too busy keeping her body in shape to keep her home in shape as well.

If your body is a temple and you treat it well, shouldn't you treat your home, the temple that your body lives in, good as well? Just a thought.

12 So are you just gonna take your shirt off and throw it in a pile with all the rest to take this topless selfie?

I wonder how often she does laundry. That pile is getting pretty big.


13 I will leave you with this last one that idk where to start with. Her dresser has some white substance running down the front of it for one.

Look at her floor all covered with clothes that should be in a laundry basket or in the dresser that she obviously has. If you have learned anything from these pictures today, it should be that if you take a picture with a nasty background it makes you look nasty too. Stop it!


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