20 people who show us that walmart is another world entirely

Sep 23rd, 2018
Curtito Team

We simply believe that social media has given more people than ever before a public mouthpiece to voice their ideas and opinions – for better or for worse. These people don't screen themselves...TMI!

1 She’s trying to increase her height up to 10 inches.

2 Here’s a cute Grandma.


3 Look at those shorts.

4 What are your views about this Afro?


5 Elvis, is that you?

6 Just another Hillbilly.


7 Too hot. The weather, I mean.

8 That looks gross.


9 A new way of making braids.

10 You sure do.


11 Killer Attitude

12 Grandpa still hasn’t grown up.


13 This guy needs to chill.

14 This woman thinks she’s on a beach.


15 A man with lovely braids

16 You shouldn’t mess with this one.


17 Those pants look small.

18 I see you.


19 What is this lady doing here?

20 Is she Amy Winehouse’s Grandma?


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