15 Funny Situations Where People Took Advice From Internet

Oct 10th, 2018
Curtito Team

Not always does the solutions taken from the internet works well. Sometimes, you need to check and verify those ideas or implementations with an expert, before you get into it. Once when you have a look at this article, you might confirm it does so for dam sure. Yes, the article is all about 15 such situations where the advice taken from the internet, ended up to be a comical tragedy.

Here, you could see that the people can reach up to the extremes, where one cannot imagine. So with this, you all can get a vital suggestion to not to try such life hacks, even when you are doing it for the humor part. Since we do not know that sometimes the comical event may also turn into a disaster. And it is always better to stay away from such a weird life hacks and try only those who are literally worth and only if we do gain something from it.

Let’s make ourselves updated by just having a look on to this.

1. If you are not good at Microwave cooking, better to stay away or attend your learning classes without fail

Microwaves are known to be used for cooking almost every dish. But a great personality might have missed the important class sessions of Microwave Cooking. And thus ended up boiling an egg in it. If you are not regular in attending your class sessions, this is what happens. God save him.

2. Poor man, capable of buying a 100,000$ car and not capable of spending any more

What is to be done when one spends all his ancestor's wealth in buying one single car and not affordable enough to spend further? Yes, this man has no money to buy a cleaning brush for his 100 thousand dollars car and rather uses a mini broom to do so. All was he capable of was to buy a luxury car alone.


3. When things are not used for its sole purpose, people tend to resort it in anyways

Here is the toilet seater when not in its only use. This old man is not capable enough to beat his over-sized belly and is neither able to eat without making it stressed. Here is the mind-blowing way he unearthed for his ease. He made use of the toilet seater hung around his neck and kept his plate of the meal to enjoy with his fork and spoon on its cap. No stress any more to hold the plate tight nor to strain his poor belly.

4. When things become dirty, you use to wash it. And is it not the same rule, for the mobiles even?

The brilliant man put his mobile phone which has got dirty with too many applications, to wash in the kitchen sink. Is he not right? This stunning idea may not be in the minds of many. So, when you get to know it now, do not deny to make use of it.


5. Do you want to cool your mobile phone? Or in either way, do you feel that your mobile screen is not big enough that you can read all the text without magnifying?

Do not worry anymore. Here is the astonishing proposal of making your mobile phones upgraded to the next level. When your handsets get overheated, you can dip them in a glass of water in an upright position. The procedure makes them fresh and also is the best cheapest way to make your handsets perform longer.

Or in another way of thinking, if you feel that your mobile screen is too small and cannot afford for the bigger ones, and still not wanted to exchange the lucky older one, you can try this plan also. Dip your favorite set in a glass of clear water and try reading the text that would be displayed in a more magnified manner.

6. Make use of this pair of Designer Sandals for your Ramp Walk

When you cannot afford to buy brand new sandals for your fashion walk on the ramp, you may try this model which would be lighter to your pockets. You need to buy two 1 liter water bottles and drink them once. And, here is the procedure starts. Do not throw the wastes away. Cut short the bottles in a way that they reproduce into stunning sandals, for your upcoming fashion walk.


7. Knew what a universal remote controller is? If not, just follow the steps to make one such

In today’s world, people in organizations are busy in building their new inventions in the field of technology. And thus was invented the remote controller, which has a universal control over all the electronic devices in the same single piece. But, this man here, is not satisfied with the brand new technological inventions and wanted to discover his own way of controlling all his electronic gadgets, in his home. Finally, he decided to afford an excellent rubber band. Just gathered all the remote controllers and tied them using the band, and made his own creation of universal remote controller.

8. Do you own a fleece jacket? And now looking for a Gilet? Come on

Here comes the innovative design patterned by a woman of Essex, who has converted her old fleece jacket into a beautiful Designer Gilet. Cut the sleeves of your winter jacket that is of no use as of now, and make your new way of fashion with the Gilet designed by you. You can still make use of the sleeves that are cut, as a lengthy stole that matches the same Gilet. Is it not impressive?


9. Getting helpless to mash a large number of Boiled Potatoes?

Put all the potatoes that are boiled, in a wide-open trey. Take a Tennis racket, hold firmly and start mashing the potatoes steadily. You will be getting your tough job complete within a matter of minutes. But beware that when a bakery in London followed the same procedure, was given a penalty of paying £ 150,000 as a fine, in one shot.

10. Using an adhesive tape for fixing a major leak, can be followed when you want to be wet.

Major water leaks in a mega-sized pipe, can be repaired using adhesive tape- right or wrong? Do not panic. People here are trying it out whether the technique would work at least this time. Since it is a mega project, dare to keep dry. Ask help from your partner too, let him also enjoy the scenario.


11. Wear a porcupine jerkin, to get enough personal space in a massive crowd

What would be the case when you wear a weird jacket, to make yourself comfortable in a badly engaged crowd? Nothing wrong. You can try wearing such type of newly invented spikes’ jackets or jerkins, that will make ordinary people stay away from your, in spite of the massive crowd in the shopping streets or the subways. This porcupine type jerkin would make you achieve that extra personal space without ever struggling for it.

12. Beer Bottle opener in your seats

Do you know that you have the fantastic option of opening your beer bottles in the ease of sitting in your travel seats? Yes, may it be a flight or bullets, you can make use of the seat belts to open your beer bottles. But this pretty opener could also make you rush to the prison, by your friendly cops.


13. When you get late, you have the opportunity to make your work done with such 2 in 1 job

There may be times in the mornings that you have snoozed off your alarms and then repented for the same. In that case, you can now utilize your precious time for two jobs in one time and save your morning rush. Spread your toothpaste on your morning bread, and then try to chew it for better cleaning of your teeth and as well as your stomach. Here is your job was done with no extra time and with no additional efforts.

14. Having a fear of losing your home keys very often? Here is the simple and effective way

When you place your keys in the most secure place, you will never want to have a fear of losing it again. People these days put nose rings for this sole purpose. Yes, nose rings are found to be the most secure place for preserving your vital keys. By doing as such, you will never ever misplace your keys and stand helpless. Make a try and see how you get to use for it.


15. Avoid your car accidents by putting the screwdrivers in the perfect place

Yes, when you are in fear of getting your car skidding, you can make use of ‘n' number of screwdrivers for safety. The tires would not slip even on the wet roads, and moreover, they cannot be moved too. The screwdrivers should be placed in such a manner that they plunge into the car tires completely. They tend to form a unique pattern in its looks and give you adequate protection from possible car accidents.

So, are you satisfied with what you have read so far? Now it is up to you that you may or may not utilize these useful and successful ideas for implementation. You can also refer to such techniques to your close friends. Let them also enjoy the benefits and make you feel proud. All the above-described designs and methods are solely invented for the purpose of designated requirements, and you may try those on your own risks.


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