16 Weird Inventions That Happened From A Tight Budget

Sep 21st, 2018
Curtito Team

Most of the people have an idea that money can get everything. And it becomes true in several circumstances too. But when you put a gaze over reading this article, you will come to the conclusion that without spending even a penny, there are personalities who are capable of gaining almost all of the uncanny conditions. By making use of their million-worth ideas, they try to solve their issues, yet keeping their hard-earned cash safe and idle.

Money can, of course, raise one's standard of living. But many do not understand that they are not readily used by some people, whose rational and reasoning goes something like the following means. Come, let's have a look at some of 16 such weird ideas implemented by the people of such personalities.

1. For the tiny little tots, this hilarious idea of brushing their teeth would never be going to hurt them anymore.

When they are suffering from their phase of missing their two front teeth, this kind of unique brain-twisted modern era brush can be just like more than a boom. Make your kid try this hilarious proposal today.

2. Let's not make our prediction that how long this cloth hanger would withstand.

Yes, the cloth hanger bears up against the broken edge of the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. Don't think that this man has no liability to spend money. I swear that his vehicle is not willing to go to consult its doctor. Hurray, to his innovation.


3. Now, you need not spend huge on favorite branded Skate shoes.

All you need to buy is a pair of rubber boots. That too, if you are ok with the old ones that you already have, then still you are preserving much of your pocket. Fix the rubber boots with a pair of ‘Lego' building block's wheels. You need to spend a few bucks on the tape for rolling, as shown. That’s it. You are done here.

4. Have a look on the below image. Do you have anything to describe?

Alas! I hope the car owner is expected to come across only two possible situations. One may be his car lock is broken and struggling to shut the door. And so is the hundred dollar investment. Or, the second possible situation maybe he is not ready to trust his automatic car lock system and is willing to create his own way of security. Anyways, hats off to him.


5. Brilliant idea! Washing machine fixed over a toilet seat and braves enough to spend time sitting beneath it.

Whatever, if the water inlet and outlet are connected to the same provision for both, this idea would be dam sure to break the record. Do not ever try this concept without studying, the all possible scenarios that may occur, in depth.

6. Do you think this to be the right option?

If the rope is wrecked by itself, then it might end with a huge disaster. Besides, look at the material used besides the ignited flame. No good one. However, the discoverer of such thing has thought in a bizarre angle.


7. No one would dare to touch it.

The safe and secured padlock over this gadget of your kitchen is something everyone would look into. Whether you use it on the stove or not, make it showcase it in your sweet home's living room, where you welcome all your guests. It is, of course, an antique piece.

8. Inventing such a brand new household cable with all the safety features entitled is something out of reach for most of us.

Come on, make use of such a golden opportunity to use this cable to any of your museum piece home appliance. Do not ever hesitate to introduce such a thing to your friend, as a kind of reference. Dare you?


9. How to ensure safety for all your road-mates?

This would be the ultimate kindness that you could give them. Universal Tape- used for various re-pairing purposes. Did you know in prior that this excellent thing could also be used for repairing the cracked roads? Here is how. Help your kind, with no extra cost and even with no obligation to the government.

10. Best way to secure your mobile phone

If you could not carry the unmeasured sorrow of losing your favorite mobile phone, then why can't you try carrying this padlock weight as a precautious measurement? Yes, it would cost you some money. But losing your hard earned cash before you lose thousands worth mobile phone, is in all ways acceptable. Do try for this and give your suggestions further to make the invention still more effective. Not all would get you in free. Right?


11. If you think that everything goes unpredictably in taste when you try for cooking on the contemporary stoves, then you might go for the option as shown in the image.

Try this good range of modern iron box for frying your stuff when you feel all is over by trying everything. Let us see whether you get to have a delectable dish in either of ways. And when you get so, stick for the option and do not ever try to make it go.

12. Now the modern TV units and Show Cases are of no use.

Look at the way the display of the Television is being designed. Some Lakhs worth TV Units would go speechless in front of such innovations. Make sure that this concept works without ever disturbing the TV’s power unit. And of course, take care of the satellite connections without which, everything would go in vain.


13. Enjoy the winter as ever as anyone would have even tried.

In spite of taking a sun-bath, give your body that cozy warmth in the cold days of winter will be of more fun. And moreover, if you are tired bathing in a closed room, make a try by bathing in an open space watching birds and wind to breeze through you. Get the natural warmth from the flames underneath your tub. Simply stunning.

14. Even though the cooking time might take longer than usual, some people are excited in trying such an eventful day.

May or may not the food is cooked. The entire process would get complete if one said to you that- ‘you are Great.' Do not forget to lit the candles. And make sure that you use the empty bottles only. Since the expensive wines should not go in waste.


15. It is a superb invention that would fail all other features of a conventional water heater.

There would be no other superior way to heat the water over your kitchen sink. No power and no gadget maintenance cost. It is easy and straightforward to install. In addition to that, there are no chances for a power leak or shock. Even kids can make use of it with no hesitation.

16. It is such an innovative and creative technique that solar power is generated with no cost of installation and also with no dedicated space.

But, make sure that the donkey faces the direct sunlight and does not search for shadows. With all ok, do you think you may harm the animal as such? Just re-think on it and make sure that it accepts for your proposal.

The journey of the most strange and ingenious methods of discovery have been dug in for you. You have been exposed to 16 such experiments that will cost you almost nothing. With no money spent, don't ever try to judge the experiments to be in a dilemma on its working probability. No humor, they are all been well investigated and tried in all weather conditions. If you are tired in spending much of investments in all of your daily appliances and gadgets, then you may just have a try on the above one or two examples.

When each of the experiments is given few upgrades and little extra efforts to higher its level, then all of them, for sure, would hit the skies. Though many of them are nearer to comical fun, they are worth for someone's important idea. So shouldn't you make it go vain? Therefore, with some additional sense and with little more capital, you may achieve the bit that you were looking for.


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