16 Picture You Need to Take a Good Look at to Understand

Sep 7th, 2018
Curtito Team

We have grown up hearing the phrase, "believe what you see." But what happens when you look at something, and you are not able to figure out the hidden truth in something? Let me break this down for all our readers. Have you ever gone through a phase, where you take a glimpse of a picture, and you are not able to spot the masked difference? You stare at it for some 15 to 20 minutes, but the difference is still hidden in there. Then you ponder over the picture closely and finally. You can unveil the difference in the picture. It is an illusion.

Illusions are everywhere. They are there in normal surroundings, revolving around us but we are not able to spot them. Before moving ahead with this article, let us first get well versed with the concept of illusions. Our brain is evolved in such a way, that if we look at something, we try to gain knowledge about it. That's how we learn. Our brain tries to connect the concealed dots with the patterns and association =, present in reality. This way our brain is more accustomed to understanding the general norms of the society. So, when we take a look at something unusual, indifferent to the general norms, our brain gets confused and is unable to figure it out in one go. Thus, we take time to conceal the real meaning behind hidden secrets, and it gives rise to illusions. It drags us away from the true perception of reality.

Getting back to the main content of this article, we will showcase you some 16 images with nutty illusions. Look closely, and see if you can reveal the difference.


Look at this picture, and you will figure out that there is a beautiful and colorful caterpillar, resting on the branch. In reality, it’s a strip of birds, chilling on the branch under the sun.


The second picture talks about a dog head attached to the human body. All of us know that this is unreal and is not possible in reality. Look closely, and you will find out that the owner is hugging the dog. The theory behind this is that the owner has hidden his head behind the dog, giving you an illusion of a dog head on a human body.



Crystal clear waters are just surreal. Take a boat and float under the sun. But the illusion coming out from it is that you will view that you are floating on the surface, because of the shadow of the boat in the crystal clear water.


A monster's arm might be so long, but in reality, there are no such monsters in the world. The evolving concept in this picture is that in the soccer field, two soccer players are perfectly aligned, giving out an appearance of a super long arm.



Leopard tiles and leopard leggings, way to go women. A perfect illusion wherein the pattern of leggings is similar to the pattern on floor tiles. Look at it, and you will feel, she has got no legs.


A hairy, masculine arm of a blonde girl. An illusion it is. Take a look, and you will feel that the arm of the girl is all buffed up and hairy. In reality, it’s the leg of a guy sitting next to the girl.



This one is tricky, and you really need to take a good look at it. It is just that the guy is sitting on the couch comfortably and the girl is leaning and hugging him from behind. The perception of this picture gets twisted because of the angle of the picture.


The wedding pictures can be faltered at times. A mere glance to this picture reciprocates that the bridesmaids are shorter as compared to the married couple. But in the present state, all the bridesmaids are sitting on the knee of the groomsmen.



This particular picture caught my attention. At a glance, it appears that the guy has a stump and he has bandages all over his hands. On close inspection, you will see that the dress of the girl is giving that appearance. It is because of the white wrap dress and the shoulders of the female.


Artists are transforming their skills into a 3D depiction of pictures, making them look real. Here is a van parked and it appears to the spectators that the convertible car is parked right next to the van. Let me burst your bubble here. The convertible is painted on the van.



Look, guys, a girl is showing her crotch. Aren't you all excited. Let me hamper the look of exhilaration on your faces. The girl is not showcasing her crotch; it is the picture of her cleavage.


What a hunk David Beckham is. If he had a miniature arm, he wouldn't be appealing anymore, and suddenly rumors would be up there on page 3. Fortunately, this miniature arm does not belong to David Beckham and is of a man, standing behind Beckham.



Three legs and what next? It seems like the girl has got three legs. But the truth be told, she is holding a jar and has her two legs folded, which is giving the impression that she has got three legs.


What all we do for pictures. You may think that the guy taking the picture is leaning against the trunk of the tree in a water body. The corporeality is that he is just leaning against the trunk of an uprooted tree. Turn the picture, and you will be able to figure out the difference.



This picture will make you think about the Harry Potter movie snippet, wherein Harry broke his wrist, and it's all wiggly. Here, it seems that the guy has got a deformed, long arm. The truth is that it is that the guy who is leaning under the bench, is giving out this illusion.


Explicit content in the picture. No way. The girl is not opening her legs wide. Instead, it seems that her legs are wide open because of the optical illusion. These are the legs of the girl from each side.

In a nutshell, the phenomenon of optical illusion is crazy. On the one hand, it makes you laugh because of some hilarious pictures and on the other hand, it takes you back into reality. It makes you believe in the falsity of life and tells you that disappointments are a part of reality. It gives you a blunt perception of materiality.


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