10 Secret Foods Every Smoker Must Eat To Clean Their Lungs

Sep 5th, 2018
Curtito Team

This is one of those articles that will most likely save your life. There are so many people that smoke, and with that, there is a scary and alarming rate of people dying from lung cancer. It was discovered that 1 in 10 people die from lung cancer every year, and if we are not careful, that number can become worse. But luckily, as research goes on, there are better ways to live as healthy as possible. Smokers and ex-smokers alike have begun to become extremely worried about the state of their lungs and have caught on the trend of eating certain foods that change the PH levels in their bodies towards alkaline which is a fantastic way to cleanse the body of many terrible things, for optimal health benefits. So read on to discover the best foods to eat to help cleanse your lungs of all the tar and impurities.

1 Grapefruit

Here is one amazing citrus fruit that has many health benefits. For many, the taste might be a little strong, but once you get used to it, it becomes quite a refreshing fruit. So to help cleanse those lungs and reduce the risk of cancer, eat a minimum of 1 grapefruit a week, but it is best to eat at least four for maximum results.

2 Brazil Nuts

Besides all the benefits eating any nuts give you such as natural oils and fats that maintain good health overall, Brazil Nuts, in particular, contain selenium and Vitamin E which is perfect for your endeavor to reduce the risk of lung cancer.


3 Onions

Onions are quite important in cooking in general. But besides the fact that they bring tears to your eyes, or flavor to your food, they are rich in antioxidants which clean out all toxins in your body, especially the toxins that are in your lungs from smoking.

4 Water

I am sure everyone has been told over and over or even read over and over that you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, during the entire day. Considering our bodies are made up of mostly water, keeping hydrated puts less stress on every facet of your body which keeps everything functioning without any strain, especially your lungs.


5 Carrot Juice

It may seem like an out of this world thing to think of drinking carrots, but it is an excellent way to help your body to alkalize your blood. So as a snack after breakfast, have a nice cold glass of carrot juice.

6 Ginger

This root is jam-packed with some excellent health benefits. It also contains antioxidants that clean out your lungs and body of any toxins, but when you smoke your body tends to create extra mucus, and dairy products also, so eating ginger counteracts the mucus that could essentially lead to getting sick.


7 Herbal Tea

We all know that drinking herbal tea is perfect for you. But unfortunately, many people feel it isn't for them. Get out of that mentality and take care of your body. Herbal tea helps with your digestion, and it stimulates your intestines to get all those toxins out so you can feel better and less bloated

8 Cranberry Juice

When we smoke, so many toxins enter our body, that is why it is important to have so many antioxidants. And if we don't have antioxidants, then getting sick becomes easier. And a fantastic way to fight sickness is to drink a glass of cranberry juice which fights all kinds of bacteria in your body, especially your lungs to avoid all sorts of infections.


9 Pineapple Juice

Another great thing to drink, is pineapple juice. Just drink about 300ml of squeezed pineapple juice to make full use of its natural antioxidants that are particularly great for your breathing system.

10 Warm Lemon Water

While your breakfast is still busy cooking, or just before you have anything to eat, squeeze two lemons into a glass of warm water. This is also full of antioxidants which clean out your body and maintain your overall health.


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