A Perfect Dieting Formula To Get A Perfect Figure

Sep 4th, 2018
Curtito Team
Everyone wants to drop weight and get a perfect figure. But somehow everyone fails to make a good plan for the journey to get that perfect figure. Here is the perfect formula that will help you to get a perfect figure.

1 Maintenance

This is probably one of the most important factors while you are dieting. Dieting often fails because we are unable to maintain our current diet. We all have cravings, and it is difficult not to give in. Maybe a heavy dinner on Sundays won’t hurt.

Never do this. Keep in mind maintenance is the key to a proper diet.

2 Fresh Vegetables

Doctors often suggest adding lots of vegetables to your diet. However, the nutrients are lost if you cook those vegetables. So fresh vegetables which can be taken raw such as spinach must be included. You can add them in a salad as well.


3 Fruits

Fruits are rich in nutrients and contain low fat. They are the ideal choice when you are on a diet. A pack of berries or maybe an apple during lunch is perfect.

4 Fish

Fish is an amazing food item since it has lots of proteins and nutrients with comparatively less amount of fats. Having a piece of fish for lunch or dinner is a great option while you are dieting.


5 Nuts

Nuts are considered to be rich in fats, hence most advise you to ignore them if you are on a diet. But they are completely wrong. They increase metabolism so reduce weight.

6 Butter

Keep the quantity of butter you consume in check. Don’t take more than a tablespoon of butter per day. Also, it is better if low-fat butter is consumed.


7 Portion control

It means keeping track of how many calories are being taken on an average per day, and the nutritional content of each food item. Setting it up initially takes time, but you will realize how useful it is as you continue your diet.


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