The Scientific Way To Get A Thigh Gap

Sep 6th, 2018
Curtito Team

We can all dream to have that perfect body, with a certain type of legs, butt shape or breast size. But the greatest hope for women is to have a thigh gap. We diet, we do some kinds of exercises, anything to be that lucky. But here is another hope for women using science!

1 Know Your Body

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We all want a perfect supermodel like body. Unfortunately, not all of us are built that way. Depending on your genes, it might not be possible for you to get a thigh gap.

2 Patience

get thigh gap thigh gap vs box gap gap between thighs pictures

This article will have some hints and ideas for you to try and keep trying with, but be realistic. You may try super hard to achieve your goal of a thigh gap, but in reality, it may take a while. So have some patience!


3 Not the Be All

thigh gap workout plan best exercises for thigh gap

Thigh gaps may be in fashion currently, but like with the fashion trends, many different things make women beautiful. So if you never actually get a thigh gap, do not let it get to you. You most likely have an even more fantastic feature.

4 Eating Healthy

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Like with anything to do with your body, having a healthy weight and eating healthy food. So you can exercise as much as you want, doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. The two go hand in hand. So change your lifestyle for the better!


5 A simple Formula

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Good Diet + Exercise = Thigh Gap

So no matter what you think, you cannot be lazy if you desperately want that thigh gap. It is the simplest of formulas that you need to eat healthy with vegetables and fruit-eating at least five times a day to get your metabolism going to burn more calories during exercise.


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