Dangerous Earphone Habits That Slowly Killing You. You Must Stop This.

Oct 5th, 2018
Curtito Team

After coming home after a tired day, we sleep in our beds and plug in our earphones, listening to music till we go to sleep. Do you belong to this category?

If you are, then I have some bad news for you. While listening to music is not harmful it is beneficial, plugging in your earphones whole night is extremely dangerous. It doesn't allow your ears to rest. Your ears are working hard throughout the day, and they need some rest so that they can operate the next day properly. Keeping the headphones plugged inputs a lot of pressure on your ears, and is harmful as well.

This article discusses the various adverse effects of sleeping with headphones plugged in and some viable alternatives. Keep on reading to know more.

1 Sleeping is our brain taking a rest so that it can return to its full energy next day

Sleeping is an important part of our daily lives. During sleeping, the brain rests so that it can operate at its full potential the next day. However, your habit of keeping the earphones plugged in at night is disrupting this and is slowly killing you, without you even noticing.

Since the earphones are plugged in, the brain can never fully go to rest; the subconscious mind stays awake partially which is damaging the brain.

2 What Can It Lead To

Initially, it will disrupt your sleeping patterns, thus keeping your body under a lot of stress. The reason is that the subconscious mind stays awake even though you are sleeping.


3 Adverse Effects

It has several adverse effects on the body, some of which can even be permanent. This means that if you feel better after a few days, that doesn't mean that it won't come back and if it continues for a long time, the chances are that the adverse effects will stay permanently.

Plugging in earphones can be considered a silent killer since you won't realize it until its too late. If you keep your earphones continuously plugged in, they are blocking the flow of air into the ears, which makes it more prone to harmful bacteria, thus damaging your eardrums.

4 You Might Lose Your Hearing Sense

Listening to loud music in the morning is just as dangerous as plugging in earphones at night since both are bad for your ears.

Listening to music for an extended period which is above 90 decibels can lead to the temporary hearing loss. And if this continues, you might lose your hearing sense permanently. So remember this when you plug in your earphones the next time.


5 Positive Effects

However, if used correctly, you can also gain some benefits. Instead of plugging in your earphones the whole night listening to rock music, listen to classical songs and soothing music for around half an hour to an hour which is guaranteed to increase your concentration and make the mind more peaceful.

Hopefully, you have now realized the adverse effects of using earphones for a long period. Don't forget to share this article with your friends and family so that they also can gain this knowledge.


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