Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Nicotine Cravings And Quit Smoking.

Sep 4th, 2018
Curtito Team

Smoking is injuries to health and every person who smokes very well know this experientially. What to do, they are helpless as they are addicted to this self-killing habit. Smoking tobacco (a plant, genus of Nicotiana), enters the nicotine into the bloodstream, indirectly. On the first inhalation, this nicotine induces your body to release a hormone called “Epinephrine.” This hormone activates the sympathetic nervous system, where your heartbeat increases and so as your blood pressure rises. This is due to the rapid and shallow breathing.

Nicotine can take approximately 70 hours or more to get out from the body, even though after quitting smoking. It is not that much faster to stay away from smoking. As far as the presence of nicotine in the bloodstream, it will increase the craving towards smoking to feed more nicotine. So if you want to get rid of nicotine craving, first and the foremost thing is to withdraw you from smoking habit. Here are the 10 most effective methods for you to try out.

1. Nicotine skin patch therapy

Nicotine skin patch therapy aids you by a 24-hours smart release technology to release harmless nicotine into your body via the skin. In the course of the period, the dosing decreases and the nicotine intake gradually decreases, which helps you to put an end to your smoking habit.

2. Yoga and meditation

According to a reach by the National Institute for Health, suggests that particular yoga postures and their breathing techniques can help in quitting smoking. It is just a practice; so, that a new habit can override the older one. Thus, in this case, the smoking habit can be replaced with the regular yoga practice. Benefits of yoga and meditation keep your stress level low because these increase your energy and stamina by eliminating the toxins. These stimulate the endorphins and dopamine hormones, which are responsible for your good feelings.


3. Replace nicotine with magnesium

Top-up your cells as magnesium-rich cells which lead to an increase in the intra-neuronal magnesium level. Thus the nicotine receptor stimulation might decrease; by this, the craving reduces as well as the chronic smoking too. Changing your diet will help and if not, try with magnesium medication either by oral or injection according to your doctor’s suggestion and prescription.

4. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is another technique used in quitting smoking. In an altered state of consciousness, the quitting thought and the importance of quitting is deeply stimulated into the mind of an addicted person. These thoughts are compelled to follow or reinforced by the hypnotist on an on-and-off basis. Hence the quitting process is successfully done.


5. Nicotine lozenge

The nicotine lozenge is a small, candy-like tablet. This is one of the nicotine replacement therapies. Nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream as the nicotine lozenge is used as lollypops and allowed to dissolve of about 20 to 30 minutes. This relieves as a short-term craving to smoke. The result will be best according to your doctor’s suggestion as they might examine you and prescribe the dosage level accordingly.

6. Occupy

Occupy your mind with the hobbies that you are interested. When you are interested in something, there won’t be any room for this crave thoughts. At least for some extent, you can try it in the initial stage, then going directly to the medication or other quitting techniques.


7. Exercise

Do some aerobic exercises in the morning, to get your stress level down after quitting. Your body functionality will increase. An intense workout will aid you in short-term reduction of leaning towards craving.

8. Willpower

Don’t give up. Be strong enough to handle the inducing thought of smoking. Get away from your smoking friends. Be in connection with a positive and like-minded people. Just a few days or months, then the inclination towards this will be dead.


9. Lime

Many of us do not know that there is a good remedy in our home to crush down this smoking habit. Lime is an antioxidant and is rich in vitamin C when chewed raw; it assists you in this quitting quell. Compared to other therapy or medications like nicotine patch therapy, nicotine candies, and so on, lime is a natural agent where to put down your desire towards smoking. Researchers are also saying that smoking cessation through lime is very much in line than by other methods.

10. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a type of technique, where thin needles are pinned in certain parts of your body, especially ears. This will activate the natural energy flow and regulates the blood flow too, which is the carrier of energy. It brings down the desire of nicotine intake and very much effective in the breaking of the nicotine addiction cycle. Acupuncture improves calmness in your mind, lowers anxieties, and clears the nicotine residues from the lungs and strengthens it as well.

Lots of techniques are there to terminate this deadly habit. But not only those helps you, but also some willpower and the fire within you help to quit smoking. In addition, the smoking effects might not be relieved by supplements; so the best way is to get a healthy diet, stay with a good atmosphere and live your safe life. Recent revelation about tobacco is it is very much contaminated with carcinogenic radioisotope polonium-210. Take care of your health and life by ignoring this deadly habit.


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