15 Cancer-Causing Food Items That You Must Avoid

Sep 2nd, 2018
Curtito Team

With a lot of changes in the food habits and the introduction of processed food items in our diet, the immunity of our body has taken a toll. According to research and numerous studies conducted, 80 percent of the people in the world are stuck with the deadly disease of cancer. Further, reports have suggested that the prominent cause of this evolving problem of cancer is the increased consumption of processed food items and the elimination of healthy eating habits from our dietary regime. Ponder over this fact a little bit, and you will be able to identify the cause of the related problem of growing cancer victims.

In the older times, people were hardly diagnosed with cancer. They had a healthy lifestyle regarding healthy food consumption and used to run errands, in turn, making them fit and fine. So, after scrolling through numerous web pages, we have noted 15 food items that contribute to the problem of cancer. Often people are confused between food items as to what is healthy and what is not. Doctors are responsible for this problem as well. They often misguide the patients into eating different food items and baffle them. Here, is the list of 15 food items should stay away from if you don’t want to get trapped in this evil world of cancer.

1. Popcorn prepared in Microwave:

Are you super fond of popcorn? Do you plan movie nights at home with a bag of popcorn, prepared in the microwave? I tell you to stop it right away. The thing is that a bag of popcorn in the microwave comprises of carcinogenic chemicals and contribute in harming your liver, kidney, testicles, and pancreas. Further, if you think that the popcorn contains natural butter, then you are at risk people. The manufacturers of the product add in chemicals for the extra buttery flavor in the popcorn. Fellows, I am not stating that you need to forget about popcorn or give it up completely. All you need to do is shift back to the conventional ways of preparing popcorn using a gas stove.

2. Fruits and vegetables that are grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides:

Ever thought that the green products will be harmful to us? Don’t get it wrong; we are talking about green products that are not grown organically. Most of you think that consumption of organic food is the new fad. But it carries a lot of health benefits with it. However, the inorganic produce is sprayed with lots of pesticides and fertilizers that can harm our health in the long term. For instance, Alizarine is a pesticide that is sprayed on the crops and is especially used in American farms. Secondly, they inject pesticides and fertilizers to increase the size of the fruits and vegetable specifically used in Mangoes, strawberries, and oranges.


3. Canned meat:

This piece of fact is for all the carnivores in the house. Do you love smoked meatloaf or sausages for your breakfast? Stop eating these canned meat loaves and turn your head towards the natural meat items. The reason behind this is that canned meat contains a high level of salt, which is not good for the health of the human.

4. Canned Tomatoes:

The real fact is that tomatoes reduce the risk of cancer as they contain lycopene which is good for our cells. However, in the canned tomatoes, due to preservation lycopene gets lost and gives rise to BPA. BPA is a harmful chemical in our body that disrupts the hormonal activity. Thus, if you are craving for some red sauce, take some time and mash those boiled tomatoes to prepare a perfect puree.


5. Farm Salmon:

If you think that gulping down some omega-3 fatty acids found in farm-bred salmon is good for your health, you are wrapped in a bubble. Farm fed salmon are unhealthy as they have been fed improper diet and their quality has been maintained using pesticides and other toxins.

6. Potato Chips:

Those crispy chips are too tasty to give up. But, to be healthy, there is a need to forget about crispy potato chips. Potato chips not only contributes to weight gain but excess sodium gives rise to high blood pressure. In addition to this, the presence of carcinogen is harmful to health, breeding cancer cells.


7. Usage of vegetable oil:

People are opening their eyes to the harmful effects of using normal vegetable oils also known as hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils disrupt the blood pressure, peaks up the calories intake of an individual and are a contributory factor in the introduction of cancer cells in your body. It is time to shift to healthy oils such as rice bran oil, soy oil, and olive oil.

8. Salty, Pickled and smoked food:

All of these food items are drool-worthy, but they are the most harmful food items on the list. The reason behind this is that, when smoky, pickled and salty foods are packed, edible nitrate is added to it. This edible nitrate in our body gets converted into N-nitroso, a chemical that is responsible for giving birth to cancer cells. Along with this, it bears the maximum risk. Plus, the smoky food items are full of smoke developed from the smoke of cigarettes and contains tar. For a healthy life, stay away from these food items.


9. White Flour:

All of you must have heard a lot about the share of white flour in the increase of body fat. But what if we tell you that the consumption of white flour is way more harmful to your body. The chlorine gas used to kill bacterias in white flour is deadly when inhaled. Secondly, there is the presence of high glycemic rate which is the main cause for the cancer tumors.

10. Artificial Sweeteners:

It is time to cut down on your sweet tooth cravings to stay away from the cells that cause cancer. Various studies have proven that the growth of cancer cells is promoted because of the presence of high sugar level in the body. With artificial sweeteners being used in everything, the number of cancer victims is touching the sky.


11. Any food item labeled with the word “diet”:

All the fitness freaks reading this article take a look at this particular section of the article. Anything that comes with the word “diet” must be very appealing to your eyes, and you might think that it is a nice shift to a healthier diet regime. Let me correct all of you here. The items labeled with “diet” word contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives that are addictive. Thus, you will feel good after consuming such products, but at the end of the day, they are way too harmful to your body. It is better to walk the path of organic and naturally grown products.

12. Consumption of Alcohol:

Alcohol has been linked with a lot of diseases. It is said that a glass of certain kinds of alcohol a day is good for health, whereas unchecked consumption of alcohol gives rise to liver, kidney or mouth cancer. Drinking of alcohol in large quantity is also related to the risk of sudden heart stroke.


13. Steak is a danger to your health:

Are you a red meat lover? Do you drool over a nice, well-made steak? Your diet contains a dose of red meat now and then? Then stop here, and listen to this. Red meat is tough meat and body takes a lot of time to digest the red meat. This is why it is advised to consume it in small doses and if possible consume grass-fed beef only. As grass-fed beef helps in fighting cancer. If steak and hamburgers are your go-to option every day, then it’s time to control it and reduce the risk of cancer.

14. Soft drinks and Soda bottles:

Soda and pop bottles are fizzy and contain high levels of sugar that is detrimental to the body. If you think that a soda can on a special day won’t do any harm, then let me tell you that two cans of soda per week give rise to pancreatic cancer. The reason behind this is that cancer cells breed on increased sugar levels. So, the next time a can of soda tempts you, shift your focus, take a deep breath and buy a freshly made fruit glass instead.


15. Refined Sugars:

Refined sugars are detrimental to your health as they hike up the fructose levels in the body. This, in turn, gives a sweet place to the cancer cells to breed in and pave their way into your cancerous life. Thus, stay away from refined sugars and limit their consumption to zero.

In a nutshell, we have added in almost all the food items that are not good for your health and is an invitation for cancer to enter in your life. It is better to avoid these items completely from your diet.


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