10 Extra Ordinary Uses Of Onion Other Than Using In Food

Sep 4th, 2018
Curtito Team

Normally, onions are seen with a lot of hate, after all, they make us weep, and that pungent odor emanating from the raw onion is too much to handle. However, they are an integral part of our food and also are very nutritious.

They provide a lot of health benefits and can help cure insect bites and lot more. Take a look at how onions can help you.

1 Rub an onion slice over an insect bite

This can help reduce the pain immediately if you just rub an onion slice(fresh) on the insect bite. The poison of the bite is absorbed and your pain will vanish within a few minutes.

2 No more burns on your hand

Onion juice can greatly reduce pain, and its antibacterial properties reduce chances of infection if you rub it on your burns and scars.


3 Easy solution if you are getting irritated by a splinter.

Keep a small piece of fresh onion near the splinter for half an hour. Splinter will come near to the skin after some time. And you can remove it easily.

4 Onion can be an effective painkiller during menstrual cramps.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, then get ready to be surprised because eating raw onions around two or three days before your periods can significantly help reduce menstrual cramps.


5 Remove Warts From Your Foot

The easiest way to remove warts is by rubbing onion slices on warts, or you can even attach the onion slice on the warns via tape, and you will notice improvements soon. You have to use a fresh onion though, every time.

6 Have a fever? Onion will help solve it easily.

Cut a fresh onion into thin slices, and then keep it in your socks under your feet, and then sleep normally. Your feet will absorb the healing effects of onion while you sleep, stimulating the meridians.

Your fever will be almost over when you wake up. However, make sure that the onion is fresh or else it can have side effects.


7 Get rid of nausea with the help on onion juice

Drink two teaspoons of onion juice and then a cup of tea, and you will be feeling much better.

8 Try A Hair Mask Made From Onion Juice If Your Hair Length Is Not Increasing.

Sulphur compounds present in onion improve blood circulation and help in nourishing the hair, both of which are vital for hair growth.


9 No more ear aches

Keep a small piece of onion over the ear canal for a few hours. This will soften the wax build up in your ears which will not only reduce the pain but also make it easier to take it out.

However, ensure the onion piece isn't so small that it can fit into the ear canal, cause that will become a huge mess.

10 See how onion juice can help with your sore threat

One solution is to drink onion tea, or another solution is to boil onion peels in water and then gargle with the solution.

It will definitely reduce throat inflammation greatly.

So considering there are so many advantages of onions, I think the proverb, An onion a day keeps the doctor away, should also be made official.


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