9 Things The Nature Of Your Ear Wax Telling About Your Health

Sep 30th, 2018
Curtito Team

The next time you stick a cotton swab and clean your ears don't disgust on how yellow, dark, or red, your earwax looks. Instead, it is a clear index of healthy ears. Earwax develops in the ears to keep dust and dirt at bay from the eardrums. It contains fatty-acids, alcohol, and Squalene.

Types of Earwax and their meaning:

1. Yellow color

If the gooey substance on the cotton swab is yellow in color, wet, and sticky, then it indicates a healthy ear tunnel. Wet and sticky means the ears are not dry and itchy also its perfectly normal type of earwax.

2. Pale Yellow

It is common to notice such type of earwax in children as they secrete more than adults. It gradually decreases with time as they grow up.


3. Dark and sticky

A darker color indicates that your body is sweating more than usual and also carrying an unpleasant body odor. However, this is completely normal.

4. Dark and thick

It is the direct indicator of prolonged stress; if you are experiencing mental tension, then chances are the ears are secreting more earwax. Clean your ears regularly and make sure to practice meditation and yoga for relaxation.


5. Grey

If the earwax is grey in color, then it’s a sign of a cleaning process inside the ear tunnel. In case you are experiencing dry and brittle earwax along with itching then its eczema. Consult an ENT immediately.

6. Dry, white

Dry, white and flaky earwax indicates less body odor and stress.


7. Black or Brown

Black or brown color indicates that you haven’t been cleaning your ears and the earwax was in contact with oxygen for a long time. Make sure to clean your ears regularly.

8. Wet and runny

A common indication of healthy ears, but if you notice pus and blood coming out, then contact a specialist immediately as it might be a sign of ear injury or perforated eardrums.


9. Bloody

Bloody earwax needs medical attention ASAP as it indicated ruptured eardrums.

Now you know when the ear signals that something is wrong with the hearing and need immediate medical attention. A subtle sign of health on a cotton swab could save you from permanent hearing loss.


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