15 Hobbies that Ease out Anxiety

Sep 11th, 2018
Curtito Team

How many times do you feel you need a break from the hectic monotonic life or office culture? Tension and anxiety have become a part of our modern life, and we call for escape routes to turn our hobbies into a continual source of income. Many of us now take ‘gap years' to explore or follow our dreams and passions. We do witness an exponential growth in alternative careers and start-ups which creative individuals have pursued after treating their anxiety and dead-end life situations. Instead of getting disheartened with current circumstances try nurturing your hobbies, it is a sure way to lead a happy, balanced life.

1. Book Writing/Script Writing

You can pen down your journey or take inspiration from a slice of someone else's life and turn it into a book. There are also countless genres which one can write about, fictional and romance drama’s are still best sellers. Going by the current trend in the movie industry who knows your book might be adapted into a major film by some iconic production house. There are also online professional courses available for closet writers who want to expand their expertise into script writing. Have a good story? Twist it into a script for the world to see.

2. Farming

Yes, many high profile entrepreneurs and businesspeople have left their high end paying jobs and entered farming. The green revolution has taken over with individuals now becoming more health conscious. So if you are someone who has enough with the corporate world and city life, then moving to a farm estate is the best career move. Growing organic products has now a vast consumer market. You can lead a healthy life while making it your primary income source.


3. Photography

If you are that one friend who clicks endless pictures of your gang because they feel you get the lighting and angles right, then chances are you are an emerging photographer. Your picture gallery is full of nature, animals, landscapes, and unique portraits of people plus a large number of online fans on social networking sites then you are already a star. Click a series of pictures and label them in different themes, pitch it to galleries or hold your private exhibition.

4. Blogging

There are many options as a blogger; one can start blogging about food, wedding decor, fashion, travel, mommy issues, personal poems, personal experiences, and technology. You can do a daily update or make it weekly depends on the kind of content you wish to explore. Some have made it big with fashion blogs and turned influencer for brands. It has undoubtedly turned into a money making the career of the decade.


5. Vlogging

You can have your channel on YouTube with your own set of fans and followers. Cover a range of topics like the couple who travel together, your cooking show, comedy show, short stories, mommy channels discussing babies and parenting, author channels for new writers and connecting with existing authors, fashion channels showing fashion weeks live, the collection of short films, entertainment channels, and technology updates. There are so much creative exposure and many platforms available for great performers today.

6. Fitness Model

Fitness modeling has turned into a lucrative career within the past few years. Gone are the days when the gym is considered only for the elite or a sports person. Instagram is chock a block with fitness models who represent a positive body phase and healthy living. They promote everything from gym equipment to personal advice on diet.


7. Painting

Artists like Banksy have replaced the traditional world of paintings and painters. Street graffiti and modern art have taken over. The more bizarre and thought-provoking the painting the more is its price. If you are the one who paints and leaves them locked in a dark room, then you are missing out on retiring young as a millionaire. Take those easels, brushes, and colors out and create a masterpiece.

8. Yoga Instructor

Meditation and yoga heal the mind, body, and soul. To reap benefits out more benefits, one can start yoga studio or sessions from home. A community moving towards balanced living is a satisfying career option.


9. Fishing

All alone on a boat or a yacht in the middle of clear blue waters, the stillness calms the soul. And what more one can catch tasty fishes for dinner or cook by the fire while one camp under the stars, perfect for clearing wandering thoughts in the lap of nature.

10. Trekking

Mountains resonatesoltitude, and a good climb will train the muscles and make you feel one with nature. To sleep under the presence of tall trees and valleys makes one a tough decision maker. One can pick up various trails and trek alone or with friends and relatives. It is also an energetic physical bonding activity for a family unit.


11. Fashion Designing

Can open an online store on Etsy or any e-commerce portal to start your own fashion line business. Designing clothes, knitting, and fashion illustrations are an alternative money making career options. Also, they are a way to get globally recognized these days due to social media channels.

12. Music

Not just listening to music, but now you can create it and display your talent on various online platforms. You can also turn part-time Dj if love mixing and creating new tunes, with the party culture only getting started in the cities there is plenty of scope for musicians.


13. Directing Films

You don't have to be a professional director or technician to be the movie making business anymore. Short films have emerged as a winning genre for many new age filmmakers. With plenty of film festivals and recognition for new talent, it can be a fantastic opportunity for the creative outlet.

14. Coloring

I know you are not kids anymore but filling up pictures with multi colors can be relaxing and allow the brain to focus on problem-solving. There is an end number of coloring books for adults as well as online coloring apps that release stress with their soothing technique.


15. Jigsaw

Solving jigsaw puzzles activates and stimulates the brain. You can always come back to a piece and complete it.

All the above are leisurely hobbies and do not require a large amount of investment. Though you could feel frustrated with the way life goes these healthy options rejuvenate your body and well being of mind. Also, it is essential to share your anxiety and stress with your loved ones to get all the support and help you need to pass through this phase of life.


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