7 Most Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Bladder Infection

Oct 1st, 2018
Curtito Team

Bladder infections bacterial infections inside your bladder, where you feel like burning while peeing and you may need to pee often. People suffering from bladder infections are those who feel the urgency to pee, only with the expectation of not peeing enough. You might get stomach cramps, and there is a certain kind of uneasy feeling in you that you simply cannot describe. You feel the urgency of peeing after every 5 minutes. If you hold your pee for an extended period, there is always a burning sensation when you pee. Bladder infections are due to the growth of bacteria within your bladder. You can get rid of the bladder infection with a few simple remedies.

1. Use of heating pads

Heating pads come in rescue when you have bladder infections. The heating pads can be put on your abdomen to get relief from bladder infections. Medication can be put along with heating pads, and this will give a lot of comforts. You can buy heating pads from drug stores. It will be enclosed with detailed instructions to follow. Make sure you follow them correctly.

2. Pain reliever tablets

Bladder infections are horrible because it leads to pain in the pelvic area and at the same time, there might also be cramps in the stomach which is unbearable, and it becomes necessary to take antibiotics. Painkillers can help to keep the pain at bay for some time. The antibiotics might work in a day or two after you take it. And you should consult a doctor before starting to take antibiotics. Any discomfort in your body can be relieved with these medicines, and it also gives you relief from back pain. There are many antibiotics in the market. It is for you to choose the best.


3. Drinking more water

Bladder infections are all about bacteria growing in the body. Drinking of more glasses of water flushes out all the bacteria from the body, and in this way, you can get relief in a short period. Water also mixes with urine, and you get relief from the pain that you get while urinating. During bladder infections, the color of your urine becomes dark and causes pain. Light color urine is normal and does not cause any pain.

4. Vitamin C should be taken frequently and more in quantity

Vitamin C contains a high amount of acids in them which dilutes with the bacteria causing bladder infections. The intake of vitamin C can be helpful by killing the bacteria in their place itself and the infection reducing its impact. The risk of getting bladder infections are reduced because of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is rich in fruits and vegetables and eating one every day can help you a lot. Some of the vegetables are oranges, kiwi fruits, etc.


5. Practicing healthy habits

Bladder infections can be reduced with the use of proper personal hygiene and a clean bathroom. It is not recommended to hold pee for an extended period. This can increase the bacterial growth in the bladder, and the infection will increase. If you have any sexual intercourse, then peeing after intercourse is necessary because it will reduce bacteria in the infected area. Urinating regularly is also a kind of healthy habits. When you go to the toilet to use it, you should wipe the seat to remove any excess bacteria in it.

6. Cranberry in unsweetened form

Cranberry is the most fantastic form of remedy when it comes to urinary infections. Cranberry in the unsweetened form is the best. Cranberry becomes a barrier to protect bacteria from entering inside the bladder, and this reduces the risk of infections. Cranberry as fruit or juice both is equally good. The risk of infections is reduced in a better way with cranberry juice. The label of unsweetened juice should be found out in the markets, and the best way is to find out the ingredients in the juice and then buy it.


7. Wearing appropriate dress

Girls and boys should not wear tight dresses which presses the urinary part and moisture cannot reach the delicate areas of the body. This is why wearing loose clothes help at times. It will make sure proper air circulation in the body. Make sure to use cotton underwears, which will help to keep the body moisture free. Moisture will often cause higher bacterial growth.

Bladder infections are a serious disease, and it should be treated effectively. You can try out these remedies to get relief of the bladder infections, but if things seem dangerous, you should consult a doctor immediately.


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