7 Best Natural Ways to Cure Hemorrhoids without Medications

Oct 31st, 2018
Curtito Team

Many people become too caring and sensitive when they find out the presence of a condition called ‘Hemorrhoids.' They rush to the hospitals to treat it in various possible methods. This post is something for those kinds of individuals who really fear in treating the same, with numerous hospitalized medications. As a foremost thing, do not panic. Here are some natural ways to cure your hemorrhoids with no side effects. You must also know that the use of chemical based products does not permanently cure these hemorrhoids. It is only by these natural treatments you can get rid of it forever. You need not go and opt for any medical surgeries or any other significant medical complications. Just try one of these remedies that you think would better suit you.

1. Lemon Juice

Are you aware of the lemon juice treating hemorrhoids? Yes, what you heard is right. Just go for buying some lemons and squeeze out them for their juice. Follow the proper method as described below and get rid of the irritating hemorrhoids.


Get few lemons and extract juice from them. Now take a cotton ball and dip it in the juice. Apply this cotton ball over the hemorrhoids gently. You will feel some kind of tingling sensation in the beginning and then you will find the hemorrhoids vanishing after some time.


You will get rid of the annoying symptoms of the hemorrhoid condition such as the burning and extreme itchy sensation.

2. Touch Me Not Plant

You will be overwhelmed with the curing properties of this miraculous plant for the ailments of hemorrhoids. It is one among the best home remedies, which can cure the condition permanently and effectively.


You can take some leaves and make a paste of it using a mortar and pestle. Extract the juice, or if you are ready to use the paste, you can just apply them to your external hemorrhoids. It is the best natural treatment for the piles.


The vapors diffused from the paste will relieve the discomfort generated due to the hemorrhoids. It will work as a wonder in diminishing pain.


3. Ice Packs

You can also try giving a soothing massage with the ice cubes or ice packs.


You can start applying ice in the form of ice packages, directly on the affected area. It is for sure that it will decrease its size in minutes.


With the frequency of application, say for 2-3 times per day, will definitely calm and relent the deadly pain of hemorrhoids. You can try this method whenever you are experiencing an unbearable pain due to the hemorrhoids.

4. Mustard Drink

If you have bleeding hemorrhoids, you need not panic and rush to the hospital. Instead, try this supernatural drink containing mustard and goat milk. You will experience a better relief in a matter of minutes.


Take a tsp of Black Mustard seeds and blend it with the goat milk with the help of a mixer. It is optional that you can add white sugar. You need to have this drink when you confront bleeding hemorrhoid. It is suggested that one can take this drink for about 2-3 times per day.


This drink arrests the bleeding state of the hemorrhoids, and you will feel better than ever. Hence the fatal situation will all be under your control.


5. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

When you find difficulties in moving your bowels, you can try this procedure, which makes use of Vaseline Gel.


Take a cotton swab or a Q-tip and dip it in the jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly. Now push this into your rectum for about ½ to 1 inch inside. With just two or three strokes, you need to remove it back and discard the same. You can also apply the jelly on the outer edges of the rectum to help calm your burning sensation due to the hemorrhoids.


This way you can quickly move your bowel with no pain and soreness. At the same time, you will not scratch or irritate your rectum, by doing so. All this is because of the superiority of petroleum jelly.

6. Sitz Bath using Epsom Salt

When you are in real need of relaxation from the annoying symptoms of hemorrhoids, this method will serve you as the best treatment. You will just need to spend time sitting in a tub containing water. The number of time you repeat the process, you will get the equivalent result. To get the best result in a short period, you can add few tsps of Epsom salt into the water.


Take a wide tub that is big enough for you to sit in it. Just immerse your affected area in the tub, which contains lukewarm water. Sit back and relax for about 15 minutes. This is the simplest way to unwind your hemorrhoid's pain when it is at its extreme level. For the procedure to be more effective, you may add a tablespoon of Epsom Salt into the water and continue the treatment.


This method of treatment improves your hygiene level of hemorrhoids while making you calm from its infuriating symptoms. It offers you the unrivaled level of comfort from your piles.


7. Add Bananas in your Diet

You can change the pattern of consuming your daily diet by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Here is one single fruit that can treat your hemorrhoid conditions. Make a habit of eating one banana daily in empty stomach. However, when you are already suffering from bleeding hemorrhoid, you can convert the quantity from one to three per day.

You can start eating dried persimmons to calm the effects of hemorrhoids and to eliminate it. You can also have them in their steamed version if you are used to it.

With these superior natural treatments, one can easily get rid of hemorrhoids completely. You need to choose the best suitable one for you and regularize the same. By following the methods in its right procedure and with continuous treatment, these home remedies may work best than other chemical based medications.


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