9 Things You Should Stop Doing To Avoid Depression and Anxiety

Sep 5th, 2018
Curtito Team

Many of us do have a list of bad habits from which we may not be able to come out of or, willing to do so. Yes, this is the truth in many cases. Some start by having just one or two habits and then to rely upon them; they end up gaining many more. The most woeful thing is that they are not even aware of those ugly habits. Most of us try to change themselves with the advice given by their well-wishers. However, with improper methodology, they fail to do so. It is all about your mental ability that you come out of those inferior and deplorable practices. You should be able to stay strong and stable from inside and try to control yourself at the right time. This will help you withdraw yourself from those lists of miserable and negligent manners.

Following are some of the needless practices and patterns that one should not either prolong for themselves or try to boost them on the people around them,

1. No Cheers to Alcohol

avoid Alcohol to stop depression and anxiety

When one decides to recover from a list of bad habits, then he/she should primarily focus on the intake of deadly drinks of alcohols. Many own this habit to make themselves overcome the state of depression and stress. However, this is, of course, a wrong decision. The situation goes further incorrect. You lose your overall health and well-being that you will be not in your control and result in gaining many more medical issues. Therefore, the first thing you need to modulate is to quit drinking alcohol.

2. Using Social Media

say no to social media to stop depression and anxiety

Do you know that these days’ people have more online friends than offline? It is indeed not healthy growth. Being online 24x7 would make oneself damage all their crucial organs one by one. It is also proven scientifically. To have fun or to have a great time on the internet, is not that you stay online for hours continuously. Although there is good little stuff online, you need to regulate yourself to enjoy them. Also, make sure that all of them are not always true and not the perfect reality. So come back to real life with less number of hours spending on social media.


3. Staying up at Nights

sleep early to avoid depression and anxiety

Watching movies on television and browsing in mobile phones are the things that most of us do on our weekend nights. Despite that, this continues to happen in rest of the days of the week, which is patent, not a better choice. By doing this, you not only lose sleep but also make yourself exposed to the blue light of your screens that can harm your health in all ways. It would again make you feel depressed and furious, with sleepless nights. This ultimately makes you, all day restless and crestfallen. In consequence, make yourself follow the pattern of going to bed early and then waking up early. You will experience the great difference soon and alternatively, you will be working for the wellbeing of your health.

4. No More Junk Foods

have a healthy diet and avoid depression and anxiety

Not much is proven about the relationship between junk foods and mental abilities. However, few of them manifested that these junk foods are the sole reason to disturb the mental health of humans. Once when you avoid drinking alcohols, it would easy for those to stay away from junks like takeaways, white sugar confectionaries and of course, pizzas and burgers. These things can make you crave and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The decision of sacrificing these mouth-watering snacks is much difficult. Nevertheless, is worth in doing so. Therefore, you need to try it.


5. Coffee Too!

depression and anxiety give up the habit of drinking coffee

Yes, you heard true. The most preferred beverage in a daily routine should also need to be surrendered. Coffee contains a compound called caffeine that actually increases the anxiety of being addicted it to it much. It acts as a stimulant that makes you drink it often even when you are not thirsty. Coffee makes you awake from your essential sleep, and it is not also good for whole health. It is better for you to give up the habit of drinking coffee, or at least- as much of coffee.

6. Do not Ever Compare

stop comparing with others depression and anxiety

Why do you want to be like someone? Do not try to compare the good and bad within you, with others. You need to be only you. Let others live their life with their style, and you just need to go with the right thing only. Comparing oneself with someone would change the life to misery. It is not that others always do have only the best within them. Similarly, it is not that you are always not that much good. Have stability and control on yourself to lead a healthy and happy life.


7. Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining

Go easy! Complaining about others would not solve any situation. Stay calm and try to criticize yourself. Stop grumbling and carping over others and look into your attitude where you need correction. Make yourself tranquil and see the difference. Do not expect others to change for you.

8. Take a Pause on Beating Yourself up

depression and anxiety

First, try to love yourself. Do not have something called insecurity within you. When you start beating up yourself for the reasons like your unwell or something kind of that, you are pushing yourself into the ground. See what is special in you. Take it and come out with exposure. You will start adoring yourself and leave all such hatreds and insecure feelings behind you.


9. Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying, be happy

Not all of us live the present. We are always worried about the future and get stressed thinking about the past. This is not the meticulous way. You should live for the present. You need to stop thinking about the ones, which has got over. And also of the ones, which are not sure to come. Take care of yourself in all possible ways. Look into your positive attitude and leave behind both the negativity and the people who create a negative impression. This is all the way best for you at all times.

It is, of course, hard to sacrifice loved habits. However, you need to focus on it as a result of its continuity. When those practices are speculated to bring bad health and un-resolving medical issues, you need to stay attentive. You should recover from them in any circumstances. When you knew it is a bit hard, you need to put that much hard effort to come out from it, as well.


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