Sitting Positions: What Do They Reveal About Your Personality?

Nov 1st, 2018
Curtito Team

Everyone tends to have various sitting positions and these positions vary from one individual to another. Many analysts have revealed that non – verbal communication is the best way to identify a particular individual's personality. Therefore, sitting positions too can reveal a lot about the characters of the individuals.

Given below are certain sitting positions and the related personalities which they actually imply:

1. Position number 1

Individuals sitting in this position are energetic as well as informative and innovative. They also can deal with difficult circumstances. However, they tend to act in a silly manner and have the habit of continuously lamenting their words.

2. Position number 2

Individuals sitting in this position are generally creative and have a visionary outlook. They also consider themselves to be the spirit of any particular group or organization. They never get exhausted because they always have new and incredible thoughts coming up in their minds. They like to meet new people, and they also like to travel a lot.


3. Position number 3

Individuals sitting in this position are agreeable in all consents. They always search for everything which is best for them. But these kinds of individuals are generally confused as well as fussy in nature. They find it challenging to stick themselves to a particular time frame.

4. Position number 4

Individuals sitting in this position are total time bound and are never late. They have an intelligent and savvy kind of behavior. They generally feel awkward to reveal their emotions openly in front of other people. They usually restrict their feelings and emotions to themselves. They are very frank and open in nature. They have a habit of confronting and counterattacking people suddenly.


5. Position number 5

Individuals sitting in this position need a lot of help while doing anything. Continuous instructions and vocations need to be given to these individuals to make them work properly. They are very much determined as well as stiff-necked. They tend to put efforts only in those areas where they expect to get something in return. They are very much conscious about their personality and looks too.

So, these are some of the sitting positions and the personalities which are revealed through them. Thus, it can also be said that non – verbal communication is one of the best ways to analyze a particular individual’s personality.


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