What the shape of your lips says about your personality?

Nov 3rd, 2018
Curtito Team

Do you ever look at someone and wonder about their personality? Like there is something about their character that is written, right there on their face. It is said that "don't judge a book by its cover," but what if the features of the person talk about the right disposition of them. In reality, there is a career known as face reader. Face readers evaluate the different facial features and then talk about the persona of a person. Looking at one of the most attractive features, lips they dictate the real side of a person, when in a relationship and as to how giving the person is.

After loads of research and studies, here we have curated this article to acquaint the audience with the lip reading scenario. Read on, and you will unveil the wheel of judgment, of the personality of a person, based on their lips.

1. Full top and bottom lips

As females, we have got motherly instincts. So basically, when you read the lips of a person, you wander off to their caring attitude and how well they can maintain the relationships. Talking about people, all those who have got a full top and bottom lips, are extremists in this regard. They have extreme care for others and will put others before themselves. They are considered to be selfless. But you have to earn their attention. It is like, on the one hand, you have it all, and on the other hand, you have nothing.

Secondly, they like to maintain good relationships with people and love to surround themselves with good connections. The real truth about them is that they value relationships.

2. Thin Top and bottom lips

Shifting to the next characteristic in lieu, people with a thin top and thin bottom lips, do not present themselves to the world much. They are not at all extrovert, and they hardly try interacting with others. They will always have a guard around themselves. But once you get past that guard, they will really maintain the connection and will value the relationship. They have people in their life and can count them on their fingertips.


3. Lips with a peaked cupid’s bow

If you are someone who has got a peaked cupid bow, similar to that of Rihanna, then you are good at communicating. You are quick-minded and extremely creative. The twist to the story is that since they are quick-minded, their mind runs at the speed of Usain Bolt and they are way reactive. They don’t think much before saying anything. They can literally say anything anywhere, that can amount to them being mean or kind.

4. Lips with a round cupid bow

If the bow on your lips is rounded, then you are a genuine person. You have a clean heart and you are considerate when it comes to people. The shape of the cupid bow's is associated with the kindness of a person. You are compassionate to people, but you take your own sweet time to open up to them.


5. Lips with inappropriately defined cupid bow

As undefined as the shape of their cupid bow is, their care towards people is undefined in the same manner. People with improperly defined cupid's bow are way too caring towards people, and thus, they have no boundaries. They take care of each and everyone, they are emotional towards each and everyone, and they are entirely giving, without thinking a penny about themselves. This kind of people needs to realize, that they are not here to shoulder everyone's responsibility or care. It's only for those who matter.

6. Plumper lips in the center

All those people who have plumper lips in the center are full of themselves. They love attention, and they get loads of attention from people. People with plump lips in the center hate to be alone. They are always surrounded by people and love being like that. When it comes to relationships, they are extremely dramatic, just because they are highly self-indulgent.


7. Narrow mouth with full lips

All those people, who have got a narrow mouth and full lips, know the real meaning of priority. For them people close to them are important. They take out time for the people they love and prioritize them over anything else. The best part about them is that they are the real keepers. On the other hand, all those people who have got a narrow mouth with thin lips, are considered aloof. They are not good at maintaining connections. Thus, their relationships get affected a lot.

8. No upper lip with a normal lower lip

This feature can be found in most of the men. All those people, who are roaming in the world with such lips are considered workaholics. They keep on striving hard to achieve their goals in life. For them, the only mantra to achieve success is work, work, and work. For them, the priority is to work over relationships, and the purpose of their life is work and achievement. Thus, their relationships get affected a lot.


9. Largemouth with natural full lips

When you smile wide, you are considered generous. A broad smile denotes the extremely caring nature of a person. Secondly, you are also looked upon as a large-hearted person. But, if you are someone, who has got a large mouth but thin lips, then you take yourself into note before others. You do not think much about others and are not as generous as compared to people with largemouth and full natural lips.

10. Goldilocks lips

The famous children's story comes into consideration while determining the lips of a different set of people. All those people, who have got neither full lips or thin lips are connected to this term. Such people have a sense of balance in life. They are not overly caring neither are they clingy. They have the right amount of love towards people, considering different relationships in their life. They look for the right amount of connection in a relationship.

In a nutshell, if you have gone through the entire article, you must have noticed the effect of intricate details in determining the personality of different individuals. To correctly identify the charisma of a person, focus on their lips and the sensitive information of their lips. Go ahead and implement this in your life.


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