The shape of your Ear Reveals a lot about Your Personality.

Sep 18th, 2018
Curtito Team

Every structure and formation of your body rules your personality. An individual attains a particular nature and psyche, only based upon his/her appearance. This is not yet widely proven by any researchers or modern science. This post will be helpful to you to describe only the prediction and possibilities that proved to be true for some cases of personalities. Despite any concrete affirmation, many of the researchers believe it to be true. The kind of study that reveals the real identity based on one’s body shape and their unique structure is called physiognomy. Let us now know how the shape of ears depicts one’s individuality and distinctiveness. Each of the variety portrays a solitary disposition of a kind of gene. Thus each one of them is different from the other. Here are they,

1. Round Shaped Ears

When you possess round shaped ears, you will be the person carrying the personality for whom love is everything. You will love yourself a lot and also want to shower the same, over the people around you. You are the individual who likes to do only good to others and want to be in demand for the same reason. You are well loved by all of them around you, and nothing can change your attitude. If you are with an assumption on anything or any person, you never mind challenging to win the deal.

2. Square Shaped Ears

If you are the person with square-shaped ears, you like to be reasonable and logical always. You wish to be orthodox and stable in all aspects. Despite the rational kind of nature, you prefer to take back your responsibilities. With your polite outlook, you also demand to acquire similar polite and respectful attitude from others.


3. Diamond Shaped Ears

When one has a diamond-shaped ear, he is a persona with more unconventionality in his ideas and conceptions. They like to come up with great revelations for others. With such a unique shaped ear, these kinds of personalities carry bashful, diffident and self-centered attitudes. They are more partial to the thoughts that come up in their mind right away. At all times, people find very difficult to perceive and interpret such individuals.

4. Crescent Shaped Ears

With a crescent-shaped ear, you hold the character of being too sensitive. Not sensitive within you, but show the same towards others. You want to listen and understand other feelings and opinions before you decide for one. Much of the time, you like to go with the ideas and views of others whom you think they really care for you. You are an identity who is well mannered and honest too. With these characters, you become adorable for the people around you, and they start to trust you like anything.


5. Rectangular Shaped Ears

People, who have this shape of the ear, will try to be more practical and do not simply believe in everything. They like to rely on meaningful and unelaborated things. These individuals want to be perfect in every manner and plan things perfectly in advance. They do not even want to mess up or baffle on anything. In addition to that, they are the person who keeps promises.

Henceforth, such variation in attitudes is found in every individual, based on the different structure and shape of their body organs. This is true not only for ears but every other organ of your body indicates or depicts the character of a person in depth. Scientists are still understudies and investigation to prove the same.


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