Uses of Salt That No One Told You About

Sep 16th, 2018
Curtito Team

Salt is an essential item in every food and is important to keep our body hydrated at all times. However, salt has several other benefits as well which very people know about. Check out some of the most useful functionalities you can achieve from salt. We can guarantee that you will be shocked after seeing the amazing results.

1 Prevents as well as removes any form of gunk building on iron.

list of uses for salt

Gunk formation on iron is a common problem many people have to face. It can be irritating because the clothes become dirty while ironing due to gunk. Fortunately, you can remove this easily be ironing on salt first.

2 Cleans yolk

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If you have seen cracked eggs, you will notice that their surfaces become quite dirty. You can easily clean the yolk inside by applying salt over the egg.


3 Fire extinguisher

ancient uses for salt

Many people don't know this, but salt is actually an excellent fire extinguisher. If you have a small fire nearby and don't have water, then pour salt on it.

4 Clean your utensils

salt and its uses

Removing grease from utensils is an extremely tough job. If none of your solutions work, you can try to wash them with salt and water. That will surely remove all grease stains and return the initial shine to your utensils.


5 Clean sponges

101 uses for salt

Want to clean sponges? Just soak them in salt water, and see how your sponge becomes brand new. Moreover, this will also kill any bacterial growth on the sponge.

6 Deodorize the sink

uses for table salt

Over time, you might find your sinks have started spreading foul odor. Clean them with salt water to get guaranteed results.


7 Cleans Brass or Copper.

household uses for salt

A coating of dust and oxide usually appears over brass and copper if kept in the open for a long period of time. Removing this normally is a very tough job. However, salt water can easily remove this. Mix it with vinegar and flour for better results. Try to soak them in the mixture for at least an hour and then thoroughly rub the coating using a cloth to remove it. You will be surprised by the results.


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