Some Images That Only Russians Can Understand

Dec 26th, 2018
Curtito Team

Russians are known for the eccentric behavior and come across as the kind of people who you cannot get along too well. There are many rituals only Russians can understand, sort of an inside joke.

1. Cleaning Ritual

The cleansing ritual can be done with a can of Jaguar too. You will need all the energy to wipe away your sins in the lake later.

2. Bumpy Ride

Russian females are sure femme fatales, riding a motorbike wearing heels.


3. Last Resort

Putin is God, even the commoners think so.

4. There Are No Rules

When you can walk into your school looking like Black Swan, squash those rules!


5. The Squat And Stare

Staring is considered rude in some parts of the world, but not in Russia. You can squat yourself on the sides of the road, parks and public places just to gawk at people.

6. Willy Worries

Food art is common in Russia, be prepared for food fights. Either way, you will be just expressing your love for local cuisine.


7. The Graduate

High School graduation can look like a janitor party after all, when do they even go to Prom?

8. Flexible Schedule

Russians ace everything and by everything we mean, even gymnastics. Flexible arms anyone!


9. Snapping Away

Awkward public poses for social media are common in Russia.

10. Hell’s Kitchen

Food fights in the kitchen are of another premier league altogether. You need to be a tough fighter if you choose to cook.


11. Traveling On A Budget

Road trips are fun especially if you hitch-hike in the trunk of a car.

12. Shocking Pool Party

Electrocuted in the pool with have a deeper meaning with a tub pool party complete with a Dj.


13. Too Good To Be True

Girls with muscles and a doll-face are common in Russia. No wonder it’s tough to date them.

14. Holly Haloween

Halloween in Russia actually means dressing up seductively.


15. Wheaty Decision

Early bird gets the worm they say, but this poor pigeon just got a taste of sour bread.

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