Exercises To Get Rid Of Thunder Thighs

Sep 2nd, 2018
Curtito Team

Many of us have stubborn body fat in the thighs. Not only does it affect our physical appearance, but it can also make walking or running much more challenging. Fortunately, the following exercises will help you get rid of that fat easily.

1 Fifteen Sumo Squats

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Keep your feet at a stance wider than your hips. Your toes should be slightly turned out. If possible, hold a medicine ball in front of your chest, and if you don't have one, just keep your hands straight in front.

Squat as low as possible, with your back always straight. Stand back up. This constitutes one rep of a sumo squat. You need to perform 15 such reps.

2 Ten Fire Hydrants

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Keep your body in all fours position with your elbows in a slightly bent position. Remember to keep your back straight and parallel to the ground.

In this position, raise your left leg to the left side. Stay in this position for one second, before coming back to your initial state.

Repeat this procedure with the left leg ten times. Then do the same exercise with your right leg.


3 15 Inner Thigh Lifts

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Lie on your left side with your head resting on your left arm. Now bend the top part of your right leg at the knee and cross over in front of the left leg. Your right arm should be placed on your hip.

Try to lift the left leg above the floor keeping it straight and your left toe in a flexed position. You should use your inner thigh muscle (abductor) for this. Don't forget to exhale while lifting the leg.

Now Slowly lower your leg; you can use a resistance band for more useful exercise. You should inhale while bringing your leg down. You need to repeat this 15 times for each leg.

4 20 Skater Lunges

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Do a reverse lunge keeping the back leg slightly bent. Now move over to the side and bring the other leg behind. Just after this, try to jump in the other direction. You have to keep on alternating between the two legs to your legs have a burning sensation. Don't forget to keep your knees bent.


5 15 Plie Squats

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Keep your feet in a stance wider than shoulder width with your toes turned out. Use a few light dumbbells and hold them in front of the thighs.

Now bend knees at a 90-degree angle, keeping the knees aligned between second and third toes.

Continue repeating this procedure 15 times, and don't forget to squeeze your glutes properly.

6 20 Side Lying Scissor Kicks

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Keep your legs extended on top of one another and lie on your left side.

Your left arm should be placed under your head, while the right hand should be on the floor.

Using your ab muscles and glutes, try to raise your right leg up and maintain this position.

Now, lift the left leg towards the right one. Stay in this position for 2 seconds, and then gradually return both legs to the initial position.

Repeat this 20 times, switching sides each time.


7 30 Step Ups

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Keep your dumbbells to the sides. While facing the bench, place the left foot on the bench. Now, stand on it by placing the foot of the second leg while extending the hip.

Now, move the left leg back to the original position, and after a second, do the same with the right leg.

Repeat this 30 times, while alternating the legs.

9 30 Curtsy Squats

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Keep your legs at a width of hip distance. Now try to get as low to the ground as possible, keeping the right leg behind in a curtsy position.

After a second, stand up and repeat the same thing 30 times, alternating between the left and right legs.

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