Effective Napping Techniques For A Healthy Life

Oct 9th, 2018
Curtito Team

“Hey, wake up!” is the most irritating phrase for some people while somebody woke them up during their sleep, and especially during their mid-day nap. Those people, who are disturbing the sleepers, really do not know the goodness of napping. Hey, Wait! Wait! Do you know how to have some effective naps than disturbed ones? Here is the article for you to explain the techniques to have some effective naps.

Napping is nothing but a small period of sleep especially during mid-day to relax on your own. Generally, we come across different stages in a sleep cycle. A sleep cycle is about a 90 minutes sleep. The initial stage is a non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stage; duration is about 20-30 minutes. If you get disturbed or woke up in between this stage, it will result in sleep inertia or simply a sleep hangover. Sleep inertia means the wake up in an in-between stage or a transition state between the sleep and the wakefulness. This will spoil your remaining day by keeping you drowsy. The other stage is the rapid eye movement (REM) stage; duration is about 40-60 minutes, a deep sleep stage. This stage is extended up to hours together.

So, short and most effective napping is necessary, and here are some techniques for that.

1 Best time to nap

You should nap 6 hours before your nighttime sleep. If not, it will affect your night sleep and the nap change to sleep (in the afternoon) and thus again night sleep gets affected. This will put you in routine and results in insomnia, a sleep disorder disease. Of about a 20-30 minutes nap are must and enough for balancing the energy.

2 Nap after lunch

Post lunch sleep is one of the best techniques. Who said that napping after lunch would put on weight? It is absolutely wrong. Having a good healthy nutrient-rich diet and after this, a short nap will help you to put down the weight instead of gaining.


3 Exercises

Just stretching and relaxing exercises are enough to get a good nap, where energy is not lost. The intention is to gain energy rather than utilizing it. By having a good nap, you can balance your energy and restore them too.

4 Avoid sleep inertia

  • Avoid disturbances first
  • Switch off your electronic gadgets, especially your phone
  • Choose a calm place to nap; avoid the noisy place. Some people able to nap in noisy also, which is not good.
  • Relax from both your emotional and physical stresses; be comfortable before going for a nap
  • Avoid spicy junk foods before a nap
  • Make sure about the temperature of the room or in general the place where you are going to nap, not too hot or too cold


5 Caffeine Nap

Have a cup of coffee exactly 45 minutes before your napping time. This will put you fall asleep sooner. And besides will keep your alertness optimally high after your nap. Also, you should be more careful as this caffeine leads to a long sleep too depending upon the rest needed by your physic. More than a half an hour nap would lead to sleep inertia also.

6 Any Position

The napping position may play an important role in getting amazing refreshment. Even though this is the case, which is not plausible for many of us. So just keeping in mind that napping is vital to relax your body and mind, wherever and whatever the position, say on couch, on desk, on coffee table, in car, under a tree, on a stone bench, in a park, even on the chair, while traveling, etc., just get some nap, without any disturbances.


7 Can’t sleep? Don’t worry

If you can’t sleep, don’t worry. Just stretch yourself and relax by taking a deep breath in and out. Close your eyes and try to mediate with a controlled concentration. Practice this regularly in your mid-days. Soon you will get into a napping routine.

The secret is that you will look young if you have a short and that too an effective nap in the mid-days regularly. Looking young is as important as you feeling young. A regular and effective nap will give you both. The above techniques will give a hand in many ways to get an effective nap. Just follow these and get benefitted. Wait! Wait! Just relax and have a nap for now, if you are in the mid-day.


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