10 Signs That You Are Suffering From Hormone Imbalance

Oct 9th, 2018
Curtito Team

Are you always tired and annoyed? A sudden stab of hunger seizes you and makes you binge on unhealthy food all day? Or you are continually experiencing sleepless nights, waking up to a non-existent libido? Then chances are your hormones on overdrive and turning your life upside down. Women indeed complain of all the above issues as PMS syndrome, but they are also subtle signals from the body that things are not right healthwise and its time to take charge and balance out those hormones.

1. Weight issues

Sudden weight gain can be blamed on the excess production of estrogen in the body. High estrogen means mood swings, off the charts menstrual cycle, change in breast tissue, feeling bloated and heavy on the stomach, uncontrolled food cravings, and becoming lethargic.

2. Constant tiredness

Even after beauty sleep your body feels sore and mind fog. It is also a warning sign of hypothyroidism. The body lacks healthy hormones. If you are experiencing undue fatigue, a thyroid checkup is recommended. Your endocrine glands have been secreting way too much cortisol, so instead of feeling lively, you think the opposite. It is time to adjust the diet and cut caffeine out completely.


3. Insatiable

Hunger pangs conquer your brain and fire up insatiable desire to keep the tummy full all the time. This is an indication that hormones Ghrelin and Leptin are out of sync, Ghrelin signals the brain that the stomach is empty while Leptin signals its full. You can fix this by getting enough rest, exercise, limiting sugar intake, fiber-rich diet, and meditation. If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

4. Blood pressure spikes up

When the sodium to water ratio of the body is off balance, the blood vessels that supply blood to the kidneys become too narrow and causes renal artery stenosis. While this occurs, the body produces more of aldosterone hormone, thus causing the blood pressure to rise. Avoid foods that are too salty or junk to keep it under control.


5. Memory issues

Have you forgotten a lot lately? Especially experiencing some short-term memory loss, then the thyroid hormones are imbalanced. The brain becomes foggy, and its metabolism rate is affected, causing less attention span and inability to focus. Estrogen can also be blamed for forgetfulness.

6. Hair Loss

A common problem but also an important health indicator, long, shiny, hair is the sign of good health. But if the estrogen production is more and one is at risk of hypothyroidism, then the hair will be coarse, brittle, start to thin, and eventually stop growing. It could also mean there are unchecked underlying diseases and must consult a doctor immediately.


7. Acne problems

Suddenly your worst nightmares have come true when you spot red, sore spots all over the face. Try relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce the level of stress. You are suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) a condition where your skin breakouts severely just before periods. Having a diet rich in calcium and magnesium will help cope with PCOS. Applying skin serums, facial massages, and homemade beauty treatments are the best cure for acne. Eat more of the greens for improved blood circulation.

8. Decreased Libido

The bedroom is now a war zone with you having zero interest in reviving your sex life with your partner. Blame everyday work stress for leaving you lethargic in bed. Eating foods with higher testosterone will help in spicing up the sex life.


9. The ‘Pill’ Does not work

Birth control pills are not a healthy method to expect natural periods. The pill produces synthetic hormones and is responsible for irregular hormone cycles. Weaning of the pill is the only solution with a healthy diet and an alternative method to practice birth control.

10. PMS is harrowing

The onset of periods hits hard with too much estrogen secretion, less progesterone, and other micronutrient deficiencies. PMS can come early or later known as luteal the second part of the monthly cycle. The symptoms include bloating, body pain, extreme cramps, irritability, headache, hunger cravings, and back pain. Maintaining a healthy diet of green leafy vegetables and consuming Kale which is rich in indole – 3 Carbinol a controlling hormone balancer which prevents overproduction of estrogen.

Getting a full body health checkup from time to time is one of the preventive measures. Hormonal imbalance is curable with a fit lifestyle.


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