10 Cute Things Every Girl Does When she Gets a Boyfriend

Oct 18th, 2018
Curtito Team

Getting involved in a romantic relationship these days is like practically announcing oneself as the perfect match in front of the whole world. Gone are the days of romantic letters and meeting in secret, it’s the age of shining in the social media with cute pictures and vacations together. Girls show loving ways when devoted to a guy; we have listed a few sure shot signs of a giddy in love GF.

1. Getaways

When was the last time you actually went on trips with your besties? No right. Because you are busy planning things with your BF. Yes! It’s on! Couple vacations are a thing now. Be it short or long, but spending some private moments with your partner counts as inseparable loyalty. Also exploring new places together gives a fresh perspective and amazing memories for a lifetime.

2. Pasting pictures

Click! Click! That's all you do all day, snap photos of how good you look with your BF. In the gym, in the shower, in the locker room, in the college, in the office, on the street, while on a date, eating, sleeping, etc. It never stops the addiction to be the cute couple on Instagram.


3. Change in Style

Your credit card has maxed out, and the fashion bill is mounting because you do not know which outfit will fit for the date. So you go on an endless shopping spree buying clothes and more clothes. Changing your hair color, cutting your hair, spending countless hours watching DIY beauty videos. After all, you want to impress your BF.

4. Can’t put the Phone down

Nope, there is no curfew hour. Instead, the phone is buzzing every second. You are regularly mailing him selfies of yourself, texting, chatting, waiting for his replies all night, being on Skype, and making plans for the day.


5. Expecting too much

You start identifying as the couple from the movie you both watched together, daydreaming that he would propose, bring flowers and chocolates, take on surprise vacations, whisper sweet nothings into the ear all the time, romantic text messages, treat you like a queen all the time, and turn things magical in life suddenly.

6. Boasting about ‘US’

You go a bit overboard while describing your perfect relationship to your girlfriends over a glass of wine. Switch your relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship with’ on Facebook and tag him in the post. Keep mentioning how good, sweet, and chivalrous he is with you to everyone. Blush constantly while you talk about him. Bring up conversations about him at the family dinner table so that your parents might start to like him too.


7. Feel Insecure

The constant need for attention will turn you paranoid when he does not answer to your calls or texts. The feeling that he just might be with someone else nags your mind till you confront him. The subtle signs of jealousy when he mentions another girls name. It is normal for a GF to feel this way for the man she loves.

8. Calling him bizarre Nicknames

Nicknames mark a territory; he will be ‘Poo,' ‘Bae,' ‘Bumble,' ‘DimDim’ and God knows what else to you. You will enjoy making up cute nicknames for him and torturing the hell out of him. Sometimes it will mean secret codes, so people around you don't understand what you two are up to. Or perhaps they would figure out, till then the teasing continues.


9. Matching tattoos

You want to etch out his name on your skin for the world to see how much you love him, so you two get a pair of matching tattoos. Does this mean the relationship is permanent? Hell yes! For you.

10. PDA and Cuddles

You two are all over each other and love to hold hands and cuddle all the time, even if this means others are closing their eyes or getting jealous of your PDA. Never stop showing how much you are into him and want the best out of him. Compliment him in front of your friends, ruffle his hair, and share sweet moments together oblivious to the world.

If you or anyone else you know are showing these signs, Girl you are head over heels in Love!


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