20 Embarrassing Pictures that went Viral

Sep 15th, 2018
Curtito Team

In the age of memes and social media, you never know when your picture can go infamously viral for all the wrong reasons. We just didn't want to gag ourselves with laughter for the below images that made up a string of funny memes and got widely circulated on the internet.

1. When life shits all over you

It looks like the boy is having a tough time after pissing the pigeon off for all the wrong reasons. He caught his just portion of showers of blessings from above!

2. Pup on Bondi beach

This pup seems to have caught up with the wrong strings to play.


3. Always check the background

Oops! The wrong time to photobomb a picture! Being at the wrong spot at the wrong time we would say.

4. Too Curious

I hope they didn't die of curiosity! The two kids are up to something vicious lol!


5. Evil Old Man

The devil has horns, and he is old. Literally!

6. Way to Photoshopped

Ever hit the enhance beauty button and didn't stop? Well, it results in such disasters.


7. You smell nice

Wait what perfume do you use? I would love to have the same.

8. Drunk Fail

How drunk are you? Seriously can't spot a wash basin with the toilet!


9. Hairy Legs

When you decide to wear shorts, please shave your legs!

10. When I pee

The dog doesn’t seem to care much about the bikini model. He is busy attending nature’s call.


11. What in the name of romance

Who would click such embarrassing engagement pictures?

12. Nothing Natural

We don’t see anything natural here. Not even the eyebrows or makeup. Do you?


13. One for the Bride

How many of you have parents with embarrassing wedding album pictures? This one is surely cringe worthy!

14. Next time you tattoo

Grammer Nazis might roll in their death beds for this.


15. Yearbook blunder

Thou shall be trolled for life for posing like this in your school yearbook.


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