18 Habits That Actually Ruining Your Weight Loss Plans

Sep 22nd, 2018
Curtito Team

Nowadays, individuals are becoming more and more conscious about their health and fitness to cope themselves with the fast-changing world. Obesity is one of the major issues that are faced by many individuals in today’s world. Busy life, unhealthy lifestyle, junk food, stress, lack of exercise, etc. are some of the major reasons for obesity among individuals. People having weight issues are prone to frequent illness, stress, hypertension, and many other health issues. Therefore, it becomes necessary for such people to lose weight and maintain their health and fitness. As a result, obese people take the help of gyms, fitness centers, health camps, medical aids, etc. to get back to their self again. But in this process of losing weight and maintaining fitness, they start making a lot of mistakes which ultimately leads to weight gain instead of weight loss. There are many weight loss habits which are being followed by obese people to lose weight. These habits are either being advised by other individuals or are being discussed on the internet in various blogs and websites or magazines and newspapers. But in reality, following some of these habits actually, backfire and lead people to gain weight instead. People follow these habits while starting a new diet or maintaining their health and fitness. But many of these habits are weight loss myths which ultimately affect the health of many individuals.

Following are some weight loss habits which are myths in reality and may finally lead to weight gain instead of weight loss among individuals:

1. Counting of calories:

Many people have a habit of counting their calories instead of counting on the amount of food that they are consuming. They rely on energy drinks, energy bars, granola bars, etc. which are being sold in the markets as “low calorie” food. But in reality, these are processed food which may ultimately lead to people gaining weight again instead of losing their calories. Therefore, people are advised to count on the amount of food that they consume instead of counting on their calories.

2. Consuming low-fat food:

Nowadays many “fat-free”, “low carb”, “reduced fat” food items are available in the markets. But in reality, many of these food items contain more calories, sugar and artificial additives which are harmful to the health of the individuals. Some of these additives are even more harmful than fats.


3. Following a high – protein diet:

Many individuals who workout or visit gyms have the habit of maintaining a high – protein diet consisting of meat and proteins. But consuming a high – protein diet in the late hours of the day accumulates a lot of fat inside the human body.

4. Following low – carb diets:

People sometimes in the course of maintaining their weight try to avoid carbohydrates and keep low – carb diets. But carbohydrates contain certain prebiotics which is extremely essential for the human body and reducing their intake might lead to illness in the human body. Therefore it is strongly recommended by nutritionists to opt for fruits and vegetables which are rich in carbohydrates.


5. Avoiding snacks:

According to many nutritionists, snacks are necessary for individuals as they help in increasing metabolism and improving digestion. Therefore, individuals who are on the verge of losing weight should try not to avoid snacks and have them in small quantities at regular intervals daily.

6. Consuming salads:

Salads are being preferred by almost everyone who is either on a diet or working out. But certain salads which consist of unhealthy dressings, fried or processed meat, etc. lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.


7. Avoiding of fats:

Individuals who are maintaining their weight tend to avoid fats completely. But in reality, fats too have their benefits. It is recommended that healthy fats such as shea butter, nuts, and seeds, saturated fats, etc. should comprise at least 20% of the daily calories of individuals.

8. Skipping meals or remaining hungry while doing workouts:

Many people have the habit of skipping meals while doing the workout as they think that this might help them in losing weight. But in the course of this process, they are depriving their body of essential fuels which are necessary while doing a workout. Therefore it is strongly recommended to consume at least a glass of green juice or an energy drink during a pre-workout session.

So, these are some weight loss habits which are weight loss myths that tend to destroy the health of individuals instead of maintaining their weight loss and fitness. Therefore it becomes vital for people to gain sufficient knowledge and information before starting a new diet or planning a workout session. Sometimes we do not even need to change our diet chart completely on the verge of losing weight. We can lose weight by following a few healthy steps, exercising daily and consuming healthy food on a regular basis.


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