25 reasons why some men can cheat on women they love more than life

Nov 26th, 2018
Curtito Team

From decades, men have won the title on cheating their women, in spite of many good and better situations enclosed between them. There could be no such possible reason for guys who would like to take a break from their beloved ladies, whom they once loved more than anything else. The entire scenario depends on the in-depth personality of the individual. Nor we may be able to blame the men alone and not the women of course.

Studies show that many times, men are the sole blameworthy to initiate such a break. And at the same time, one could also not be able to declare recently, that women are not in the circle. Anyways, when conversed about such topic, men stand in the front. So, let's now discuss the common possible reasons for men cheating their adored women. After reading this article, hope you will never be betrayed in either way.

1. Playing Seductive Games

Few men are keenly interested in seducing the women, to whom they are attached or they do talk most of the times in a day. They need to play a game and attract them. They need not want to understand them and their feelings. And those men are self-seeking and egotistical. Better to stay away from such personalities.

2. Stay Isolated form Liars

Here is where all women need to put a solid break towards the relationship with men. Most of the fellows enjoy speaking the falsehood literally. They self-entertain themselves in speaking all such untruth chit-chats. They demand you to accept them and strive to gain your trust by any means. They can go beyond limits. In total, it is up to the intelligence of a woman, to walk away from such guys.


3. Masculinity Demonstration

A man should always be the kind to conquer, is something to understand that they are like a cliché. They try to show up their conventional image by conquering as many women as they can. Therefore, they have the guts and ability to date several women at the same time, only as a part of their entertainment. Do not fall into such preys.

4. They hold pessimistic characters

Some men try not to be like the one they are in reality. They like to copy and influence the unhealthy identities from other men who surround them. They may be like their fathers, grandfathers or like their very own neighbor or best friend. They want to depict others personalities when they don’t try to have one. They do not always have their self-opinion or individuality.

Above were the real grounds that were required to be pointed out in the top priority. And there are still many more, which are stated below.


5. Men want to have new experiences and so may be the reason that they need to move socially with a lady. And not because of his real interest on her nor with a caring quality.

6. Some are cowards. They want a true relationship and love. But, are so sensitive and afraid about accepting the same in public. Men of such characters can also easily break up.


7. Some men have a misconception that only when two or three women surround them, they are worth. They want to show up their strong image to others, and that is the reason they want to date with all ladies and ultimately cheat each one of them.

8. He would also have the probability that when he gets bored of one woman, no matter she may be his dearest, wants to get rid of her. So women living with their husbands for years should also be warned of such scenarios.


9. Or maybe he must be a ‘Mummy-Boy.' He wants girls to mingle with him, but not interested in committing. So women should also stay away from such jellyfish kind of men.

10. There might be some men, who want to control their lives, as they desire. They want to let life pass away as it comes. They don’t want to strive for any lady nor want to suffer any difficult situations. Just want to enjoy the day.


11. Few of them would have the intention to handle their livelihood by the way they establish. They want their cup of tea only. They will neither be ready to accept nor decline or not try to understand anyone for any cause.

12. When you fall in love with the guy who is still immature, you will be then pushed into a pit. Please try to fend off from such personas even.


13. It's stated earlier, some men demand new experiences. But let yourself know that there are even individuals who try to learn new things and new strategies too. For this reason, they want to push a girl into their detention, as a way to learn new things.

14. When a person is more likely to be a psyche, it is again ruination. Men, who are not stable emotionally or mentally, are not fit for such commitments nor maybe claimed to loyalty.


15. Fellows who are immodest and not chaste would also not become the right choice. They take to take any twist or turn whenever they are provoked.

16. Men who do not tend to care about the feelings and love of their women are also more likely to cheat. They want to take care of their attitude, growth and their own life of course.


17. When a man starts thinking that his woman is not in the right track to take enough care about him, then he gets distressed. They want to withdraw the situation as soon as possible.

18. When they find a weak emotional attachment with the lady they love, they don’t want to continue anymore. They would go for the state to get them free and start to search for the other.


19. When a man is aroused or excited because of a third party woman, he tries in all possible ways to attract her and simultaneously to get rid of the present one.

20. When men get enough confidence in their wives that they would be with them, in spite of any circumstances, they won’t stick with them anymore. He wants to search for new ones in the mindset that his wife would be with him, whatever the situation arises.


21. When the condition is such that he is drunk, may also make him cheat his lady with no intention.

22. When he belongs to the Casanova type of men, he cannot stick to one love.


23. Men, when trying to end the current relation, needs no explanation.

24. When he is not fulfilled with the present life, or when his expectations are not attained, he would be in charge to end.


25. When he wants to hurt or badly undermine the current relationship, he would be withdrawing the same.

Everyone deserves true love and sustain in their desirable dedicated path, to make their so-called ‘one life’ successful. If you find any erroneous or imprecise condition in making up your love, then try to withdraw from it in the very beginning. And the rule suits both men and women Since they both deserve not to be cheated. Stay happy with blessed life. Choose the best one for you, of course with a detailed study. Hope you will find this article helpful.


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