7 Things to do with yourself while being Single To Make Your Next Relationship Better

Dec 1st, 2018
Curtito Team

So now that you have practically taken a sabbatical from your Tinder profile and online dating presence, it’s time to reflect on yourself before you step out of your man-cave or Barbie mansion. Before you indulge yourself again in side swept glances, racing heartbeats, and endless romantic encounters step back and take charge of losing the excess baggage that you carry into any future relationship.

1. Date yourself

When was the last time that you actually spent some quiet time by yourself? Take off on a solo vacation, rent a cabin in the woods, dive into the ocean, and try out new adventures. Set a benchmark and enjoy your own company. It is when you are happy within the right relationship will happen on its own. Not to mention you get to eat the whole pizza too! Ha-Ha.

2. Baggage disposal

Being nice and raw is the flavour of the season. Accept your mistakes and faults and admit it to the person with whom you are getting involved. Stay away from the garb of being too perfect and cheesy. Everyone knows there are no Princesses or Prince out there in the world so just be human. It’s ok to have made mistakes and let it go.


3. Time to close chapters

Do not deal with excess anger or hurt within you. Close the chapters that you have read in life and move on. Apologize for your mistakes to your loved ones or your ex. Feel relieved to have downsized your sorrows than remaining in guilt forever.

4. Keep personal goals

Do not give up on your dreams and aspirations, even after successfully gaining a partner. Carry on being the person that you are, make a routine and stick to it. Create future goals and improve on yourself with or without a partner.


5. Prioritize

Before stepping into the next cycle of relationship, try and analyze what exactly you are looking for. Is it a short term relation or long term goal, are you looking for a casual encounter or settling down. Being single gives a lot of perspective into your own personal needs. Look deeper and decide.

6. Role Models

Who are your inspirational role models? Parents? Siblings? Or Friends in perfectly seeming relationships. Take cues from them, observe them the way they communicate or deal with each other. That is the kind of relationship you would want to have with your partner and stick with that vision.


7. Appreciate your strengths

You are a knock-off a limited edition a unique creation and remind yourself these things over and over. Build up on your strong points and do not bend to external criticism. You will eventually find what you are searching for.

Being single is not a curse, it is in fact a time for retrospect and move forward towards self development.


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