15 Successful Characteristics of a Classy Woman

Sep 12th, 2018
Curtito Team

When a person walks around, there are millions of people eyeing them. You will be judged on the basis of different characteristics of your personality and your physical appearance. For that person, everything will be taken into account, ranging from the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you dress. After much evaluation, you will be tagged as a wild chic, elegant and classy woman or someone who does not know how to behave in public.

This especially happens with women. So, if you have been given an adjective that you think does not suit your personality, you have a chance to twist the game. Everyone has an opportunity to change the thinking of people and their opinions. For instance, let us talk about Angelina Jolie. The prettiest on earth was called a wild child, while she was a single lady, living her life to the fullest. She knocked down the opinions of people by becoming a classy and elegant mom and an ardent activist after that. Next in lieu, is Melanie Trump. Before Trump was given the golden throne of President of the United States of America, Melanie always showcased herself as a sexy model and a wife of a billionaire. Her appearance changed drastically, once Trump entered the political background and became a President.

Through this, all I want to say is that when a woman is young, she has a different aura surrounding her. She is a wild child, a sexy female or a pretty one. But as she grows up, her life choices take a turn, her focus is more on her career, and she is more poised and elegant. So, it is a personal choice for all the females to be tagged whatever, they want to be. But, personally, a classy and an elegant woman wins the show every time. In fact, all the men, drool over females with poise and elegance.

Read through the article and you will get to know 15 characteristics that will buckle you up to show your sass with some elegance. Inject them in your lifestyle, and soon you will be the talk of the town. They are simple to follow and will be of great help considering the long-term prospects of life.


If you are someone, who cribs everywhere, be it in the office, at your house or among your group of friends, people might find you really annoying then. Of course, everyone needs someone, to whom they can complain, but that should be the thing that happens once in a blue moon. Be an optimist and live your life to the fullest. Tell, the world that you are a positive person and you will get through anything.


It is really important to wear a nice outfit and look good. It tells the world, that yes, you care about yourself. Care about your body by eating healthy and setting up a workout routine. Trust me, if you look good physically, you will be more confident to walk in the crowd.



Here I will be very clear with the explanation of this word. Jealousy merely means that you should not heat up looking at the success of your friends or relative. Remember, you are here for a purpose and your time will surely come. Jealousy won’t do any good to your life. In fact, you will lose friends and family because of the bitterness in life and the negative person that you have turned into.


Once you grow up, your life is your life, and it is no one's business. Keep this in your head, that you are not accountable to anyone. You have the full authority to live your life the way you want to. If you are taking a decision, stand tall for that and never regret deciding your life.



When you are dressing up for business or a meeting, make sure you dress up appropriately. Think about the clothes that you will be wearing and people you will be surrounded with. Make sure it is not too revealing or too tight.


Inherit the sense of punctuality in your personality. It is very important to be on time, whenever you have told someone a specific time to meet up. Once or twice is okay but don't make it your habit. It is not elegant to be tagged as a latecomer.



Don't make it a habit of using cuss words. They terribly degrade your personality. It is not just for females, but it works for everyone. Today's generation has made it very common to use such slangs, but the social stigma is still associated with these words.


Whenever you are invited to a party, always make sure that you bring a gift for the host or the hostess. It is a way of thanking them for inviting you to their party. It is really sweet and great. Plus, there is no need to present them with expensive gifts. You can give them a candle, a plant or a bottle of wine, that’s it.



When you are in conversation with other people, be kind to them and sweet as well. If you want some help, always use the word "please" and "thank you". These are some of the basic etiquettes that should be learned by everyone.


If you are someone, who has always stood by your words, you will notice that you will be respected a lot more. A classy woman should take a stand for herself and make promises, only if she can fulfill them. In addition to this, it is very important to keep this in mind, that if you have promised to do something, you should do it.



Do not gossip or badmouth about anyone. If you have heard something about someone, do not pass it over to someone else. The best thing to do would be just to confront that person. Gossiping will add on to your low image, and you won't be ever tagged as an elegant one in the room.


If you have a habit of slouching, while you are sitting, stop this knack immediately. First of all, it is not good considering your back health. Secondly, it takes over your personality. When you sit up straight and walk straight, you get back your confidence. People feel that you are prepared for the obstacles in life, and you are a strong independent woman. You will get that feeling of hiked up self-confidence and self-assurance.



Keep on smiling. This will surround you with a positive vibe and a lot of warmth. , and people will adore you, for your welcoming nature. Along with that a very gentle smile, helps people get comfortable around you quickly.


When your friends or family surround you, it is not okay to boast about yourself. You should always try to listen to other people and appreciate them. When you start talking about yourself consistently, at one point, it will come out as annoying to the people. You will then be the elephant in the room, who is self-centered and boastful.



It is a good thing to pass on compliments, but just don’t overdo it. If you will go on and on complimenting a person, they will be able to figure out your insecurities and fakeness. Secondly, you should always compliment someone, only if you mean it. Otherwise, it does not make sense.

In a nutshell, if you will carefully read through the pointers and will implement them in your life, you will become a better person, and people will start seeing you in a different light. All will love you. So, it is time to make a move and positively twist your life.


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