15 hilariously rude texts from the ex

Nov 12th, 2018
Curtito Team

Exes are mistakes from our past. We rectify that mistake when we realize it. They are mostly annoying. Even after we chose to avoid them, they still come back with disturbing messages and calls.

Here are some rude texts from annoying exes.

1 Burn!!!

2 What a jerk...


3 Dig the dagger a little deeper why don't you

4 That's gotta be embarrassing


5 No chance of rekindling that flame

6 Nope, not this time.


7 The name stored as says it all.

8 Who needs the love of another when you love yourself.


9 Boom!

10 Oops!


11 Stupid is an understatement.

12 Always check who you are texting.


13 Busted!

14 Aww that's actually sweet.


15 OUCH!


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